Burberry could be compared to?

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  1. Hi Burberry Lovers,

    I have two Burberries, a Manor and a Beaton, and now a Lauderdale. I got both my Manor and Beaton on sale and this new Lauderdale was originally $2400+ and I got it for $900. Do people actually pay $2500 for a purse? What else would you compare Burberry to? I have a couple of Mulberries too and have enjoyed them very much. All of these bags have held up really well and have great leather.
  2. I consider Burberry a premium designer, but it really depends on who you talk to. Everyone has different opinions.

    Congrats on your Burberry bags!
  3. I think Burberry could be compared to Gucci. There are some Burberry pieces made TOP quality and there are others that seem somewhat low quality. However, Burberry does produce a lot in China, ect. which is more like LAMB or Coach.
  4. The ones I've had were made in Italy, therefore the price, I guess. It seems the premium designer purses just keep going up. I'm always asking myself "Is the quality that good??" I can't imagine paying $2495 for this purse, although it's beautiful.
  5. sorry what does it mean by premium designer?
    thank :smile:
  6. I think that's all a matter of who is classifying. I've seen Nordstrom's website have a list and Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Saks, other have a list and they aren't always the same names. Several are always on the list and then others seem to be hit or miss.
  7. There again...some discussion based on subjective opinion.

    I think we all fall in love with bag lines because they fit our personalities or image. I'm also a firm believer in function. Some of the Premium Designer bags look great on the outside to the passerby's but when my cellphone rings, I depend on that pocket for functionality! I won't buy an expensive purse if there is no thought given to the inside. I live in my bags and have to be able to "use" them. Not all feel that way and that's fine too. Apparently there are enough of us willing to shell out $$$ for all types of bags.