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  1. Hey girls- I was checking out burberry.com today, and they have some cute handbags and shoes on sale. I didn't check out the other categories but some of the purses were marked 30-50% off.

    Here is the shoes link....they have cute boots too




    I like the Small Satchel... too bad they don't have white left anymore.:girlsigh:
  2. Thanks for info^^:ty:
  3. I LOVE the quilted boots, congrats!
  4. thanks!
  5. those are cute. thankss
  6. Thanks So much for the info!!
  7. I think I'm going to have to check that out... thanks!:p
  8. Thanks so much for posting!!!:flowers:
  9. I loved the Small Satchel in white. I wanted to get it but waited too long I guess *sigh* :hysteric: There will be other bags in the future I guess....:sad:
  10. Burberry seems to be adding new bags everyday
  11. thanks for posting!!
  12. Thanks...i can get something for my sister..its her bday at the end of the month.