Burberry.com Private Sale Wow

  1. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Thanks for posting this.
  3. thanks for posting! are the prices there the after-sale prices?
  4. i don't think so...i think it applies them at checkout.
  5. thanks for sharing, great info!
  6. nope, didn't work for me, the final order confirmation page still shows original price.
  7. Me too :sad:
  8. Crap then, well was worth a try, sorry.
  9. You can only get the discount by clicking through the original email :sad:
  10. i think something is wrong w/ their site. discout did not apply at checkout so i did not submit the order :/
  11. it's okay vista, thanks for the tip!
  12. wow, it worked. TO bad I could not find anything! THank you!
  13. Thanks so much! Love a few totes and now need to beg DH to let me get them....been spending alot of money recently