Burberry.com items...

  1. I went to burberry.com to look at their sale items and even some of the regular priced items. I have noticed like I may go and look and then come back an hour later and the item is no longer on the site. It happens a lot actually. Either some people really like burberry and the items are sold out or maybe it wasn't supposed to be online? I saw the shimmercheck headband and I come back an hour later to look again and it was no longer on the site. I even did a search for it and it said no items are available. what is up with that?
  2. I am sure they probably had only a couple of a particular item and when they are sold they put the information from the website. Which is pretty smart, so someone doesn't pay for something and later find out - we didn't have enough in stock - sorry, here is your refund.

    Something similar actually happened to me, not at Burberry but - Room & Board [ Room & Board furniture and home furnishings for every room in your house ], back when they had their Retrospect store in Chicago and i bought a whole bed ensemble - paid for everything, only to find out the headboard which at the time they had 1 in stock for me - was sold, so I have everything but the headboard - SUCKS, but I have gotten over it!!!

    It happens, so for them to pull the item is good service!!! In my opinion anyways!!!
  3. Well, thank you for explaining because I wasn't quite understanding what was happening to the website. I figured they must have a good inventory, but a lot of the items must be really "hot" and "must haves."