Burberry coat question from totally newbee

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  1. Hello
    I usually am in the Mulberry section since I love their bags, but now I have discovered another thing I really want. A classic Burberry treanchcoat. I think they are very nice and they seem very practial and last a lifetime after what I heard.

    I have also realised that I don't know much about their design. I would like one with only one row of buttons not two, but I have never seen one.
    My question is, do they exist? And where to find one without paying the whole savingsaccount.

    thanks in advance
  2. If you live close enough to new york is worth a drive to the woodbury commons outlet. They just recently opened a burberry sample sale store with LOTS of trench coats from all different colors and styles. I myself was very lucky enough to pick up an extremely nice trench coat. You should really go check it out.

    See my thread below for the trench that i bought.

    Good luck!
  3. Ok, I asked in the Burberry forum but no one answered in two days, so I felt a little neglected there. Don't seem like they are so eager to help a newbee, so now I am hoping any of you Mulberry fashionable girls can give me som info....espscially you Uk girls since it is a Uk brand I want to know more of.

    All this talk about coats before have made me looked at Burberry trench coats. I would like one sometime in the future. I think they are adorable and would look nice with my oak bayswater, but my body isn't made for double rows of buttons, and I wonder, do they make them with just a single row of buttons, or are all made with two rows??

    And what is the difference between a raincoat and a treanch?

    If anyone could sort out the models I would appreciate it.

    thanks in advande
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    they have different versions - the classic range and the seasonal range.

    classic range
    - double breasted trench coat (2 kinds - i think) theres the raglan sleeves (longest length) GBP800 (i think) and the regular range (without raglan sleeves) GBP500+ (i think)
    - the single breasted range (brodmin) GBP495

    seasonal range
    - usually its the double breasted trench in different seasonal colours & maybe a change of buttons. slightly tighter fit

    raincoats - are you taking about the packaway nylon trenchcoats? its GBP300+ i think. its much thinner and are packaway into their own nylon pack.

    there's also the option of getting a warmer/linning made of wool to be sewn into the trench coats at a cost. BUT be careful here - i had alots of problems (still having. IMO burberry customer service SUCKS BIG TIME). so best to check the availability of the warmer before purchasing the trench (unless u dont want the warmer)

    alternative - check the burberry outlet - i saw a choc brown trench coat with warmer attached for GBP250 (regular price GBP598 for the coat + GBP195 for the warmer)

    you might want to check out the website too - http://uk.burberry.com/fcp/categorylist/dept/women_rainwear

  5. Thank you so much.

    I have heard that all burberry trench are waterproof, thats why I asked about difference of the raincoat and a ordinary trench. Maby I have got it wrong?

    And Outlets are great, but where do I find them?
  6. hi

    took awhile to figure this might have shifted here...

    anyway according to the sa , its water resistent not waterproof.

    outlets - theres one in london (but i have no ideas whree), another at bicester village - an hours train out of london.

  7. Nordstrom Rack has been carrying them for the last week or two and theyve been selling like crazy. The NR by my house got a bunch in and I was never interested. But then I was in the NR in the suburbs today and got bit by the bug and got one. It was $250, retail price $650. They had several black and khacki styles, and a red one that seemed to be very popular.

    I totally prefer a single button over doble breasted, but its all about your body type. I also feel the slimmer fit is a little bit younger than the really "trenchy" ones with the flappy thing on the chest. Those are too traditional for me but seem very nice. For me, it would have to be a solid color. No plaid. I wold feel too obvious.
  8. Burberry does have a few coats with one row of single buttons or a single placket (hidden buttons) for Fall/Winter 2008. Check out the Burberry and Nordstrom websites to take a look at them. They are selling at full price right now.
  9. Hey I just posted a picture on the other thread, but yes they do make single button trench coats - I prefer that style. Here's mine:

    Attached Files:

  10. Burberry usually has single and double breasted trenchs every season and in several lengths. I think you find them in any Burberry store and on their official websites in the UK and US.
    I tried on a double breasted one at Harrods in London a couple of months ago and I found it rather small - I am a US size 6, British 8 and I needed that coat in a British 10 to feel comfortable...
    Regina :smile:
  11. Love this! Do you mind if I ask,

    1. Is that from Fall 08?
    2. Where from?
    3. Did it come in black (it can be messy in Seattle)

    I seem to be on a Burberry coat quest, have gotten two, but I want the trench with no heavy lining because if I need a warmer coat I would wear a different coat. Love the lining on this, single breasted and perfect. I don't belt it either, I like tying it in the back :yes:
  12. Nevermind, I just read your other post, wow!!! you got such a great deal, I never would have thought the Rack would have them!