Burberry Coat Problem


Nov 8, 2009
Hi Ladies!

My hubby bought me a Burberry raincoat from Saks Off 5th back in February of this year. It was obviously a left over style from the previous year, I guess. It was missing the belt but I loved so much I didn't care. I only wore the jacket a handful of times, maybe 10 at the most. First a button popped off of the shoulder and a little flap fell off and I lost it. No big deal I thought ...I figured I could get it fixed eventually......but then the last time I wore it my husband notice a huge rip in the sleeve. It is on the underside of my arm so I didn't even notice it and it's not so much as a rip but like the stitching came undone.

I contacted Burberry and they told me to take it into a store to have it looked at. Has anyone had any experience with anything like this? I don't have an original Burberry receipt since it wasn't bought there. Do you think they will still fix it?



Jan 18, 2012
give it a shot? couldn't hurt. retailers are usually pretty understanding with stuff like this. let us know how you go!