Burberry coat alterations?

  1. Has anyone ever had their Burberry apparel, specifically a coat, altered? I bought a duffle coat at the outlet a few months back and love it. It fits very wells, except it is snug in my upper arms. I was thinking about taking it to a tailor to see if they can "let out" the arms, but at the same time am not sure I want anyone messing with my coat. Even though I got it at the outlet, it was still a nice chunk of change. Anyone have any experience with this, or advice? Thanks!
  2. Hmm, since you got it at an outlet, I don't know. I know forsure when my BF & I were looking at coats @ Burberry Palo Alto, the SA mentioned that they can do alterations for us for free.?

    Maybe you can take it to a Burberry store & have them alter it? Because you didn't get it directly at the store, they may charge you.. but at least you know your coat will be in good hands?
  3. Thanks. I never even though of asking Burberry themselves. I don't care if I have to pay--just want "comfier" arms. Thanks for the suggestion!!!
  4. I did have a Burberry coat let out in the bust a bit, and it was fine. You should talk to a tailor you trust; mine said that alterations on coats can be difficult because of the heavy material. In particular, when you let out a garment, sometimes the seams are set, so the old seams are visible even after the new ones are sewn. I definitely would not trust the coat to some random person--ask your SA and see if they recommend anyone.