Burberry Clearance Center

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  1. I was just at the Chicago Premium Outlets in Aurora, Illinois.
    They have a Burberry Clearance Center that is just that a Clearance Center. They had
    coats, boots, scarfs, hats, handbags, umbrellas, belts, socks. The prices are fixed.
    They had some novacheck bags and a lot of bags from maybe last spring/summer? I am not sure but the colors were hot pink and like a kelly green. They had novacheck scarfs, and also regular scarfs.
    I really did not pay close attention to the prices. The boots were like $69, coats lined $399, purses $69, $149. Hats $39.

    I am not sure if they ship. It's not a normal outlet, very basic with just tubs of stuff.
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  2. wow my sister lives right near there! i may have to check it out!! Thanks!
  3. I went to one of these in MN at the outlets at Albertville. I got a really cute pair of their wedge shoes with ties for about $30. They didn't have a lot in the way of handbags-but they did have quite a few coats, sweaters etc.-you definitely had to look through them though!:rolleyes:
  4. Awww.. I wish we had Burberry outlets and Clearance Centre's in Canada
  5. Are you kidding???? Does anyone know if they ship? I know the normal outlets do not- but what about the clearance? Would love some socks and shoes!
  6. They had one of these at Woodbury Commons last summer, though I think it was only going to be open until September. There were some amazing deals there....
  7. uafly1 - were the colors on the items seasonal or basic like camel, brown, black, navy, red?
  8. So is this not permanate?
    Does anyone know how long it'll be there?
  9. There was one in Las Vegas last summer as well. I got some cashmere scarves (not novacheck, but had the small novacheck square logo) for $20 each. The SAs there said that the "sample sale/clearance center" is in a different location every year.
  10. Just called, They will be open at this location until March 31st.
  11. Sorry I was away from my computer.
    There were novacheck handbags, there were some solid color scarfs and novacheck scarfs. There were seasonal handbags, pink, green. There were a lot of boots, novacheck, for kids and adults. Hats, belts.
  12. What kind of hats? Do they ship???
  13. Wow, that is so cool, thank you so much for posting. I'm so there :smile:
  14. i have one nearby in sawgrass mills, sunrise fl, but i barely find anything good there.
  15. I was there last week..I was not impressed at all...trench coat it was only 50% off and other merchandise and style I dont even remember seeing at retail store..seems like everything in the store is super old .(Everything is Final sale and some restriction you cannot buy more than 11 item total, you cannot buy 4 items that are same..)WTH
    I came out with two pairs of slippers.:balloon: