Burberry Christmas gift from DH!!!

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  1. Sooooo I know it's a month late but I still wanted to post pictures of my Christmas gift from DH last year...I got a burberry nova check (I believe that's the name) wristlet and a headband from the same line....I absolutely love them!! :wlae:Enjoy!
    Burberry headband.JPG Burberry headband2.JPG Burberry wristlet1.JPG Burberry wristlet3.JPG Burberry wristlet and headband.JPG
  2. congrats! what a sweet DH you have. :yes:

    i just received my shimmer tote from Saks today. i love the shimmer line. :heart:
  3. Oh so pretty! Congrats!

    Cocoster - you found a shimmer tote? Lucky you!
  4. I believe I have something that looks like a shimmer tote...it's in another thread of mine...I don't know how to post pictures once I posted the first post (if that makes sense)...cocoster post pics of your tote!
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    this is the one i got. :smile:
  6. Cocoster - beautiful bag! Can I ask you how much it was? Do you think they have any left?
  7. I can't look at the link, I copy paste it and it doesn't work either, snif snif :confused1: help!
  8. How Pretty!! I love shimmery Burberry Stuff!
  9. it was $1xx. i don't remember the exact price but it was a super good deal. that was the last one they had... i think it was a return.
  10. So cute! I love the shimmer!
  11. AAACCCKKKK! You find the best deals Cocoster!! :sweatdrop:
  12. OH I can see it now! that's not the one I have although it kindda looks like it....nice!!!! and good deal too!