Burberry Check Print?

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  1. Hi...am really interested on buying this bag but it seems that it's only on the Nordstrom website. Why is that? Am in NYC and wanted to go into the store and see how it was before I purchased it but unfortunately we don't have a Nordstrom in Manhattan. Any suggestions?
  2. probably an older model that nordies still had in stock or it's just sold out everywhere else. Just a note though, just because it's on the website doesn't necessarily mean that it'll be in any particular store! i would call first to check before making a trek to the closest nordies. Maybe even go into a burberry store and see if they happen to have one in stock.
  3. I believe that is an older mall from Gucci. maybe last fall?
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    That bag is really nice. I like the sides at the top. There is a Nordstrom in King of Prussia Mall. If you call them, and they have it you might be able to negotiate free shipping...

    You know, if you call the website and tell them there is no Nordstrom's in your area, you may be able to work free shipping with them. Sometimes it depends on the person answering the call...
  5. I really dig that bag.

    I was at my Burberry today (Chicago) and she said they often have things in store that aren't online. I would try calling Burberry to see if they have it anywhere that can ship to you. Otherwise, like PP said - call Nordstrom (and/or Nieman) and ask them.

    GL - I adore that bag.
  6. Thanks everyone.... lets see if I can track it down... it's perfect for an everyday bag...need to have it :biggrin:
  7. It shows SOLD OUT on the site now
  8. You could always buy it from Nordstrom and if you don't like it, they have a very good return/exchange policy. I love shopping at Nordstrom, they have good customer service!