Burberry Cashmere Scarfs 60% off

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  1. I know it's July, but when you see a good deal on Burberry, you grab it.

    I just got back from the SoHo store and they have an assortment of 100% cashmere scarfs for 60% off. I got a giant mega scarf in pink\white for $199. I think it was the only one in that color combo, but they had the same style in red, cobolt, lavander and mustard. There were also some skinny scarfs, some of which may have been traditional nova plaid. They will ship for $12-15. Call and ask for Carlos :smile: Good luck!
  2. do you know if it's all burberry stores?
  3. I think they all have a 60% off sale (at least the one on Madison Ave does), but it's a matter of what's left, etc. I did try ordering from the web site this week, and my order got cancelled two days later.
  4. Aww I would want a pink and white one too!
  5. It's more rose pink. Call around. I think I got the last one in SoHo, but they still had a beautiful lavander\white one (that I already have) still there. It's really beautiful.
  6. anything else on sale? jackets or headbands?
  7. There were some headbands on sale on their website. Every store has different items. I also saw bags\small leather goods and shoes. Lots of clothing. Some coats, but the selection is picked over.They are also putting new things on sale. I bought a white quilted jacket last week that was not on sale a few weeks earlier.
  8. Do you have a model/item number for the scarf? Thanks.
  9. i got a nova check scarf 100% cashmere for 40$
  10. At Burberry?
  11. $40. Where?
  12. do you know if the jewelry is on sale?

  13. at an outlet? or an actual store? Details...you can't just post that you got one for $40 bucks without sharing details. It is part of the TPF code book.:graucho::P