Burberry Cashmere Scarf

  1. Forgive me if this should be in the wardrobe section, but I figured since it was a Burberry question I ought to ask it here first!

    I am searching for a classic Burberry plaid cashmere scarf for my sister, but I am not having any luck finding one. The Burberry site has solid colors, but not the plaids that I could find. And when I search for one, I end up with fake sites like Designers Imports. :yucky:

    I don't mind paying retail, although sale would be even better, but right now I'd be happy to find one at all! Any suggestions?
  2. I always see them at Saks when I go there. They have the pastel colored ones in the women section. If you want the classic plaid they had those in the men section of Von Maur- so I bet most mens sections of high end stores would carry them. This was recently so if you can't get it from the link Jen posted from Burberry, start calling around I guess. Good luck!
  3. I'm pretty sure burberry.com has them, but if they don't, Saks or Neiman's will. I always see some in my local Nordstroms as well.