Burberry boutique sale started today!

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  1. I was just at the Burberry boutique on 57th street in NYC and they started their sale early this year - instead of the 26th it started today! I picked up a new coat and jacket - selection is still pretty good so get it while you can!
  2. They have a pretty good sale selection online as well, not many size thought. But they do have some cashmere scarfs on sale!
  3. what % off do they have? Are they going lower after Christmas?
  4. I bought a coat that was originally $1295 for $899, the SA's said the prices will be the same right after Christmas...
  5. Thanks for the info.
  6. I don't want to ask this but I must. Did Burberry have the brushed gold knee length trench coat on sale. I paid full price at Saks recently?
  7. I think it's on sale online (if I'm looking at the right one), but they only have it available in size 8...hopefully it's not the right coat or the right size!
  8. yay!! i love sales!
  9. Whew, not the same coat? Trust me I'm glad!

    This coat from Saks wasn't too bad of a buy. It had an oversized collar, the canvas is a brushed gold, ever so slight so you can wear it during the day. I bought it at full retail (always painful) for 895. I've been looking for the ultimate trench for three years now. Being in the midwest this has been a real challenge.

    Y'all in NY, I'm jealous.
  10. Ok, good!! Your coat sounds gorgeous though! I absolutely LOVE gold and the fact that its Burberry makes it even more amazing! I'm jealous of the girls in NY too, I would love to go and shop all the sales there! I've never been to NY, but I need to go SOON!