Burberry boots


Nov 28, 2006

I was wondering if the Burberry merchandise that is sold at an outlet is last season and still first quality, or if the merchandise is second quality? The reason I am asking is because I purchased a pair of Burberry boots from a seller on ebay and he said that he purchased them from a store in Vegas. Anyhow, I have a problem with the boots. The right boot fits perfectly and the left does not fit at all. I thought that it was just me, so I had everyone I know try on the boots and they cannot get the left boot on either. It seems as if the boot is too narrow at the ankle. Do you think that I could send the boots back to Burberry? Maybe the boots have a defect. Any thoughts?

I don't believe, unless you have the actual receipt that there is anything you can do....I could and probably am wrong but aren't items purchased on eBay kind of - well, there is no guarantee? I am not sure....someone who is more familar people expand...thanks!!!