Burberry Blue Label.

  1. Does anyone know about this line? i have a friend who just moved here from china, and i noticed her bag looked like burberry but it was a purpleish color. i looked at it and it said burberry on one zipper and blue label on another. anyone know about this line? i asked her how much she paid for it and where it came from and she said $50 and she got it back in china. she was clueless as to it being designer though.
  2. not a big fan, I must say...but then again not a big burberry fan.
  3. i think the burberry pattern is kind of boring but this one was a purpleish color, it was actually cute imo.
  4. what's IMO? DH? sorry, i'm net abbreviation illiterate!
  5. I think it is a cheaper version of Burberry that was made only for some parts in Asia? I can't remember where exactly. There is a thread in the Burberry forum about this though i'm sure.
  6. I think Blue Label is made for the Japanese market?? They have really cute colors like purple, pink, red, etc. They are also cheaper than Burberry Black Label (which is the label that is in Europe and America).
  7. Burberry Blue Label is available in Japan and is designed to attract the younger crowd, which explains the colour variation, e.g. blue, pink. This line is cheaper than the main line.
  8. I think this is made in Japan only targeted to the younger crowd. I like the designs but the materials used are lower than than the regular Burberry line. You can see some of the bags at : P I S A :
  9. They just had sales on the blue Burberry bags a few months ago. If I'm not mistaken, they are not going to be produced anymore... at least that's what the SA at Burberry told me.
  10. really? Nooo the Burberry blue label bags are so cute. I bought some when I was in Japan and the price is pretty reasonable.

    As for the site mentioned above, there's actually a lot of bags that aren't just plastered with the check. A lot of them only show like a sliver of it so it's not so "overchecked."
  11. TRAVIS2006, there is a thread in the Burberry subforum about the Burberry blue line - I'm sure you'll find it helpful.

    Also, FYI, while the blue line is the more reasonably priced Burberry line, I don't believe bags are ever in the $50 range. Check out the thread in the subforum - I'm pretty sure someone indicated what the price range is.
  12. thank you all!
  13. Fake from China! :sad:
  14. there are burberry blue labels that are authentic, but for $50...I don't know about that...