Burberry Bikini

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Which size should I order?

  1. Small (4)

  2. Medium (6-8)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'd like to buy a Burberry bikini but confused of which size to get. What would you recommend? Small (4) or Medium (6-8)

    I wear...
    size 26 jeans
    size S and M t-shirts
    have a size 2 burberry trench but it is tight
    size S and M undergarments

    I am over 130 pounds and about 5'3.

    I am a bit on the chubbier side, so I don't want a bikini bottom that will be tight and have fat hanging over.. know what I mean? But I also don't want a bottom that can slip off in the water. I am more worried about the bottom than the top.

    Here are some details of the bikini:
    •Top: Peacock (green) with check trim. Halter neckline. Polyamide/elastane. Made in Italy.
    •Bottoms: Peacock (green) with burberry check trim. Low-rise waist. Polyamide/elastane. Made in Italy.

    I am leaning more towards the Medium size but my sister has a size 9 bikini (different brand) and it is too big on me. The Medium is a size 6-8.

    Does anyone here have a Burberry bikini that can describe the sizing?
  2. I would go with the Medium size. I

    tried an xs and small, bought an xs, but wish I got the small since they were nearly the same fit.
  3. Thanks! I think I'll go with the Medium.
  4. I've just received it from the delivery guy.. the bottoms are too big =/ does anyone have a way to shrink the bottoms? Should I put it in the dryer for an hour? The label says "Do Not Tumble Dry" though. Should I return it?? Help!!
  5. Oh no! That sucks that the bottom is too big!! Can you exchange it? I wash my Burberry bikini in the washer and dryer, and it's been fine so far. - than again, maybe you shouldn't take my advice since I suggested medium and it didn't fit right. :shrugs:
  6. Neimans is sold out of this style :sad: Can you check if your bikini says "Do not tumble dry"? anddd can you also check if it is made in Italy or Croatia? The description for mine was "Made in Italy" but I received a "Made in Croatia" one. Thanks so much!!
  7. My novacheck bikini says "Made in Italy" and "Do not tumble dry." I have washed it and dried it in the washer and dryer. You might not want to risk it though.
  8. I would just return it. It might not shrink the way you need it to.
  9. You should return it and ask for a size Small.
  10. Return it. It might rip in the dryer.
  11. Good news, NM had one S left this morning and I was able grab it :smile: I'll be returning the M once the package arrives.

    Thanks everyone for your help!!
  12. That's great news!!