Burberry Belted Trench Jacket...

  1. A few weeks ago i came by this greeeeat Burberry trenchcoat at a shop in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I tried it on and it was sooo perfect. Great size, perfect details, i just loved it.

    But, to be very honest: i thought it was too pricy.
    Now i'd really like to know if everyone here own's this beautiful jacket and how it fits them.

    Thanks !!

  2. I don't own it, but wow I would LOVE too!
  3. I don't have that one but I just bought a wool trench from burberry. I must say the coat fits perfectly!! love it so much. I also saw one of the shorter coats (so lovely!) but I found it a bit pricy too (it was 1499€ - my wool trench was half of this price).
    here is mine:
  4. I have that jacket in black longer and I absolutely love it. My fits a little tight so I can only wear a light sweater underneath so it is strictly a fall and spring coat. But to make it worth your money you can wear it two different ways. The first is the way you see it and the second is that you can fold it backwards so it's kind of inside out on both sides. basically it makes it so you have to tie the jacket to keep it closed. I like doing that when its warmer out and that way I don't feel like its flapping when I don't button it shut. I'll see if I can get some pictures when I get home to show you what I mean. But I say buy it my mom had her Burberry coat for 20 years and never lost a button or had anything fall apart on her. She got rid of it because she never wore it and it was still in perfect condition.
  5. I want this jacket.
  6. Leslie: great coat, it looks fabulous on you!
    Faurecia: thanks for your advice. Good point on the two different styles, i haven't looked at it that way. Thanks!

    I'm still considering... ;)
  7. They are great Jackets. I love the one you want.
  8. [​IMG]
    Sorry I don't have a better picture. I've got this fabulous double-breasted knee-length trench. I got it as a graduation present in Chicago of 2005. To date, it's probably my favorite coat, which is saying something. I'm obsessed with coats :smile: I got it (or rather, my parents did) for $895. After my initial sticker shock (oh, to be a 14 year old again :lol:), my parents said "We'll get it"
    It's come in handy so much. Sure it's expensive, but it's well made. In the years I've had it (and I've worn it a LOT), nothing, not even a thread, has so much as threatened to fall off.
  9. I have a London Fog trench that I'm thrilled with, but the one you show here is fabulous! I would love to have it too!