Burberry Beauty

  1. How'd you get free burberry? :nuts:
  2. Anyone own the lip glow in #9 or #10? Victoria Beckham tweeted that those colours are a must..Curious to know what the colours are like.
  3. The sheer foundation is exquisite! Very blendable and it gives an airbrushed look. Definitely has replaced my Chanel powder foundation!
  4. I am very curious about this range. Unfortunatley I live too far north to visit Harrods in London, so I have been reading reviews on this line before I purchase either from Burberry.com or Harrods mailorder.

    Those of you who have tried it how does it compare to other lines on the market? Is the Sheer Foundation brilliant or just okay?
  5. I am such a package whore! I'm going to buy some from Nordies next week.. I thought I was on a shopping ban :sad:
  6. From my experience,the package is the only good thing about this line! I sat fora complete make-over at Nordies and was disgusted by the line. The make up didn't blend into my skin and the colors are so limited that they tried to make me love lookinglike a pumpkin! I found the sales team was woefully undertrained in this line. That could be the problem. Perhaps a more knowledgeable team would be able to put together a natural look for me, but as good as I am with cosmetics (and I'm pretty good) I couldn't imagine any of the few choices looking good on many people!
  7. Sorry for my late response.
    My Nordstrom SA gave it to me :biggrin:
  8. I agree with you. The packaging is what is good about these products. That's about it.
  9. Thank you for your honest opinions. I will give this line a miss.
  10. Let me rephrase why I don't like it.
    It's a very sheer formula. The shadow is silky but the color pay off isn't there for me. it is for those who want sheer colors in neutral colors. I did find that alluring at first, but I personally want color pay off with high ticketed items.

    Also, the lipstick has a baby powder scent, which i didn't like at all.
    the burberry packaging and the burberry pattern print on the lipstick was what made me initially go GAGA over these, but I'm so happy i didn't spend the money on these and just got them as gifts.
  11. I've sampled the foundation but didn't like it enough to purchase. I did purchase a blush & eye shadow but both were returned. I had one lip gloss but it wasn't long lasting at all. I gave that to my close friend. I don't bother stopping at the counter anymore. I agree w/others - the packaging & hype got me.
  12. I'm not a fan of the lipsticks at all but I really like their eyeshadows for everyday. They aren't as pigmented as others (mufe) but I personally prefer that because I can build the color instead of worrying about over applying it. I only have a few shades but they are some of my most used.

    I also like their glosses! I agree that they aren't long lasting but I don't really expect any gloss to be and don't mind reapplying. :p I like the fact that they aren't sticky, feel comfortable on my lips, and I love some the shades (nude beige, cameo, cameo pink).
  13. I'm dying to get some makeup from this line!
  14. I've tried and really love several things from this line: the liquid and compact foundation, the bronzer, the lipsticks and glosses and two eyeshadows. Love everything so far. The lipsticks and glosses are especially nice, but the foundation is fabulous too. Gives good coverage but sheer and dries really quickly. With the coming hot weather, I usually stick to powder foundation but I think this will work well!
  15. I have Trench and Rosewood eye shadow being sent to me, I'm excited to finally try this line out. Stumbled upon it last July and life's that. Burberry even made cosmetics. I finally, caved and ordered from Nordstrom's.