Burberry Beauty

  1. BTW - how pigmented are the blushes, sweetart - how do they compare to, say, NARS?
  2. ohhhh I can't wait to see the rest of your haul!
  3. thanks for the pics, the swatches on Nordstrom are not very accurate
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    I'm still waiting for the rest of my order from over a week ago but the blushes are wonderful!!!

    They're kinda close to Nars in pigmentation but blend so much more easily! I use the Nars Yachiyo brush and I don't have to worry about picking up too much or over applying it. Also, the finish of these blushes is GOREGOUS! There's no glitter/shimmer here. Just a beautiful sheen that really sets it apart from the other blushes I have.

    I'm a big fan of both Nars and Chanel JC blushes but after a few days of using these... I think these have become my new fave! :love: Unfortunately, they don't have much of a selection but then again, that could be a good thing (for my wallet). :biggrin:

    Here are some swatches for comparison:
    From L to R: Chanel JC in Reflex, Burberry Cameo, Burberry Blossom, Nars Amour, Nars Plasir

    ETA: I do have 2 minor complaints! Since the compact has a strong magnetic closure and no lip, it can be hard to open and you can't stack the blushes on top of each other without turning one around because they repel eachother!

  5. ^ haha interesting note! thanks!!!

    ahh the colors look sooo gooooood
  6. LOVE these!!! Thanks for the great review and wonderful swatches, sweetart!!!

    I see that the Blossom blush is peachier than NARS Amour...which def. makes it temptiing...it's too bad that the Nordie's swatches are off - but at least they are better than Chanel's online swatches which are truly horrid.

    This line is going to be a big hit, me thinks, since the quality of the products appears to match the incredible packaging (no mean feat).
  7. Quick update!

    The glosses are great, the eyeshadows are amazing (rosewood is my fave) but I was not loving the lipsticks... The magnetic cap alone was enough to make me return it despite loving the Cameo shade.
  8. ^^Really, not loving the lipstick? I read reviews and ladies loved the Burberry lippies over Chanel Coco Rouge! I find that hard to believe, so I ordered a lipstick. And I also ordered an eyeshadow. (sweetart. I think I ordered rosewood too!) I'll post pics when they arrive.
  9. ^I just checked my order, I ordered Antique Rose eyeshadow and Dusty Rose Lipstick. Now I wish I had ordered Rosewood eyeshadow!
  10. These got here today, Antique Rose e/s and Dusty Rose Lipstick. The formula on the eyeshadow is ok, I don't think I will order another. The lipstick is very creamy.

  11. I picked up the Blossom blush today , I tried it on at Holts and I liked it. They only have 8 colours of blush here in Toronto but I like how it went on, very smooth. I'll try it tomorrow but I really liked the range of colours.
  12. Head wonderful things about the lipstick in Rosewood. I think this is a must try.
  13. I wore my Blossom blush today and it looked really nice. Very subtle and natural looking. I like it! It goes on really nicely so you can control the amount of colour you actually want. The little brush that came with it is a little too small for me.
  14. I got 2 free items today - the Trench eyeshadow and the cameo lipstick. The lipstick is very creamy and the e/s was so silky. I'm happy about the items, but I wonder if I would have spent $30 on the lipstick. I probably wouldn't, if I was going to spend that money, I probably would spend it on a chanel lippie.
  15. Is antique rose a matte shadow? How do you like the lipstick? I think part of the reason I wasn't thrilled with them is because the lipstick itself was stuck to the sides. It was super hot here at the time.