Burberry bathing suits

  1. i don't know if the outlets have them...but the bathing suit sure is beautiful
  2. thank you for responding
  3. In my experience their bathing suits run true to size. I'm not sure if Woodbury Commons has bathing suits for sure, but I would think so since most of the Burberry outlets I've been to have had them. Have fun shopping!
  4. I hope you find this!
    It is such a classic and beautiful suit.
  5. Im so excited thanks
  6. I've seen bathing suits at Woodbury, but nothing really good makes it there ! The one that you've picked most definitely would not make it there - it's too cute for it to be relegated to the outlet !
  7. Ah, i hope so because i want that one too. so gorg
  8. i love those bathing suits, but the bottoms are so skimpy.
    definitely try it on before buying, i dont find them to be TTS
  9. I didn't know Burberry had bathing suits. Those are cute.
  10. I bought a pink Burberry bikini at Woodbury last night! It is solid light pink, with novacheck trim. So cute!!! It was $89. They dont have tonnes of sizes left but maybe you will get lucky...
  11. wow, that is really cute!!
  12. I went there yesterday and picked up some nice stuff. They had nice bathing suits, the ones with the novacheck trim, in red and light blue. Adorable but not my size. They were $85.00 if i'm not mistaken. I love their bathing suits. They also had a black and white one and a blue one that was shimmery, very pretty. Good luck!!!
  13. IDK about woodbury, but that will be such a cute suit! Good luck, hope they have it there for you!
  14. Bump....does anyone know if any of the outlets have two piece swimwear? TIA