burberry barrel bag?

  1. hi, does anyone happen to know if there is a nova barrel bag thats released in the USA? i saw someone with the bag, but i can't find it on the website. the bag looks so cuteeeee! thankss!
  2. I remember something like it on the website.
  3. Lot:tup:s on eBay..
  4. anything other places that might have it? other than eBay? thankss =)
  5. My friend bought her Burberry barrel bag at the Woodbury outlet in NY. You should try calling them there.
  6. ^^Yep, definitely call a few outlets- I don't think they'd still be at Burberry boutiques at this point.
  7. burberry outlets doesnt do phone orders. sucks ;P i saw this really really small barrel that looked like the one that i wanted at woodbury last month. they didnt have the one that im looking for.
  8. I know! Although if they had done phone orders, I'd be homeless and surrounded by Burberry purses. :lol:
  9. it might be from previous seasons. sometimes outlets carry them