Burberry Bag Owners: Are Burberry Bags made in China?

  1. I just purchased a tote from Nordstroms with patent leather trim. It's made in China - disappointing indeed!
  2. I think if the fact that a tiny label inside someone's purse says "China" on it, even if no one can see it, bothers you, you should definatly not purchase the purse. I can not speak to the difference in quality but I am sure there are woman who have had problems with the Italy product on occasion. My favorite Burberry is a vintage denim blue plaid crossbody. I have had it for years and get compliments on it all the time. I purchased it second hand and have only seen a few others like it. All were purchased at a Burberry store. The small tag inside hardly noticible says it was made in Turkey. I often wonder about its authenticity but it is so beautifully made I quess I don't care.
  3. some authentic burberry are made in china.
  4. Burberry was also made in Turkey. Some recent leather ones from a few years ago were made in Turkey too.
  5. My sunglasses are Made in Italy, but I have a novacheck Made in China.
  6. Hello,

    i bought a Burberry london wallet not too long ago. It has a metal application up front and a check book cover as well. I don't know if this one is a fake, it has a white "made in china" tag inside. The stitches look well made, i really have no clue if fake or authentic. I bought it in a "Vintage store" well, they sell antiquities, older and authentic, rare, hard to find stuff. So....i really would appreciate it, if someone here could help me ;)
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  9. I got plenty of questions too on Burberry bags.. what I've discovered is that some authentic Burberry bags are now Made in China. Cross check them on the official burberry site. Some of the checks pattern (pvc/leather materials) are Made in China.

    A wallet that I purchased back in 2009 was Made in China and the quality was very disappointing. Although the stiches are fine still I felt cheated. The quality of the leather was not as I would have expected from Burberry.

    Also got a buffalo leather Burberry bag that is Made in Turkey purchased from outlet mall. I am never sure about the authenticity of this bag and somewhat curios about how it made it to be sold in the outlet. Will check the site when I have the time to see if they actually sell handbags that are Made in Turkey. I am keeping the bag just because the quality of the leather is very good and the make is excellent just like what I've found in stores.
  10. My burberry bags are all Made In Italy. Some of their bags, especially their nylon totes or things with nylon are made in china but all the leather products or pvc and leather products are made in Italy. I tend to buy more of Burberry Prorsum which is more expensive and real-leather so its Italy made but that doesn't mean that other products are not made in Italy because they are unless they are stated "Imported".
  11. I remember purchasing a leather hobo that was made in China. This is about 3-4 years ago..
  12. Oh No! I was eyeing a Burberry tote bag but now decided against it. Not buying if its made in China. Somehow its not the same as made in Italy! Come to think of it, I recently saw someone carrying the Haymarket tote and there was a large stain on it alto the bag looked new!!
  13. That's not at all true. My latest Burberry smoked trench check cross body, purchased at Nordstrom full price, was made in China. Perfect in every way.
  14. I am talking about Prorsum. I bought mine from the London flag-ship. Every Prorsum is made in Italy.
  15. Mens = Scotland/Hong Kong/Turkey/Tunisia and 2x China
    Women's = Scotland/Turkey/Romania. Bag and Flip Flops are from Italy

    Looks like they have factories all over the place.