Burberry Bag Owners: Are Burberry Bags made in China?

  1. I have one Burberry and it's made in China....but the quality seems great!!
  2. My burberry bag is made in Italy. I was told that burberry was going to move their production to china..but i think that is undecided after all that controversy..
  3. Some of the new Burberry items (not just handbags) are starting to be made in China. I bought a Burberry shoulder tote in Feb. 06 and its made in China, but my Haymarket Tote that I got in October 06 is made in Italy.
  4. oh so this is true now. Recently i heard on the radio about the productin of Burberry being made in China, but i thought it was just an idea. I didn't know that bags are actually made in China now. Thanks for the info.
  5. Mine's made in Italy but I know some are made in China.
  6. I just bought one nova check shopper for my mom last week at Neiman Marcus and it says "made in china"... I must admit I felt shocked when I saw that, I even wanted to return the bag. But I asked to Burberry's customer service and they told me they were making some items on china. Also the umbrellas are made in china.
  7. mine .. made in Italy. i brought in Oslo, Norway... House of Scotland
  8. I think most burberrys bags are made in china.
  9. Phew...mine are both made in Italy. I guess the leather bags are still made in Italy? If it's made in China, I won't buy it then.
  10. I just checked today at the store. The nova check PVC one is made in China. sigh....I regretted that I didn't get more PVC bags back then.....
  11. bagfever, is there something wrong with the ones made in China? I have a couple and so far they're holding up pretty comparable to the ones made in Italy. Please let me know if you've heard or experienced whether they fall apart so I know whether to hang onto mine or cut my losses and sell them off. Thanks! :smile:
  12. I don't have the China ones...but I'm not that confident. Actually I bought my Burberrys because I saw they were Italian made. I just got a bit scared when reading above, and how someone returned the bag d/t colour transfer of the handle!
  13. I don't own any Burberry, but was thinking of purchasing the Small Nova Tote. Now after hearing they are made in China, I have changed my mind. Why would they do that??
  14. I think it's recent. I recently went into a burberry store and thought there bags were cute but there is no way in h*** I am spending 300 dollars or so on a bag and have it made in china. I looked inside the bags and it said made in china on a cheap white sorta tag lol For their prices it better not be made in china. Just another way for them to make more profit...

    I just wanted to add I don't have any problems of items made in china but if the price is going to remain the same I do. It'd be like if LV suddenly started making things in China with their price hike. It's be no better then buying a counterfeit item to me as them making it in china is still supporting sweat shops, etc. and just shows their greed.
  15. I know exactly what you mean, paintednightsky. I have nothing against China at all. I am Chinese. But I won't buy a bag for such a high price if it was made there because I know how cheap the labor is for them and do all they care about is making more money? If they give their workers a paycheck they deserve then I don't have a problem with it but I don't think they do. Actually, maybe the labor in Europe could be cheap too? I'm curious but even then it couldn't be cheaper than China...

    You know how you can buy conflict-free diamonds? They should do something like that with designer bags.