Burberry Bag Owners: Are Burberry Bags made in China?

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  1. I just bought a bag from the Burberry Store on New York's 5th Avenue. The Small Nova Tote, Burberry - Bags: By Type: Shoulder: SMALL NOVA TOTE

    Apparently, its made in China. Are the bags all made in China? I also bought sunglasses from last year, Summer 2006... they were made in China as well. Please let me know if yours are like that as well.
  2. I'm quite sure they're all made in Italy, but I've heard rumors that they're going to move production in China.

  3. pardon my ignorance... how do u know this bag is made in china?
  4. Hi, Burberry bags are made in China. It's a pretty recent thing they started. I've contacted them about it and they confirmed that China does make things for them. They like to say it's "Imported" in their catalog when it's not made in Italy, England, Spain, etc. Which strikes me as funny. I think it's the connotation that things made in China must be fake but they definitely do have things made in China.
  5. My burberry's are made in Italy. The China bags are probably recent.
  6. i recently returned my burberry ($475 retail) i forgot the name. i bought it in burberry store san francisco. the girl said they moved production in china. the quality is the same but the second time i removed it from the box, the black leather handle stained the body! i was surprised and panicked though more than 30 days already, they accepted and gave me a refund since they admitted it happened before. i guess they really need to improve quality control in china. i collect name brand bags and that's my first burberry, now i'm having second thoughts :sad:
  7. so are mine. made in italy.
  8. Well, I have the purse... I bought it from the Burberry Retail Store in New York's 5th Avenue. On the inside tag, one side is the serial code while the other side says, "Made in China". So, that sucks.
  9. Well, apparently, I called customer care and I called the New York City's 5th Avenue Burberry store... Some of their bags are indeed "Made in China" because they are producing some NOT all of their products there. I know some of you have already wrote down some of the info about it, thanks a lot. This sucks though because it seems as if the quality of the brand is lower... maybe its becoming a psychological thing for me.
  10. I was told by a Burberry rep that their PVC line is made in China, the traditional leather range is still made in Italy.
  11. All the Novacheck I have seen were made in Italy. Almost all the Burberry bags my friend has is made in Italy except for one that is made in China.
  12. I have two Burberry bags, one's made in Italy (bought at the Burberry store) and the other one is made in China ( bought at Saks 5th).
  13. Mine's made in Italy as well :yes:
  14. i have a burberry candy-checked cadogan.. it doesn't say where its made.. i can't find the "made in ?" anywhere.. any suggestions? thanks
  15. Both of my classic check purse are made in italy. the nova check bags I've seen in store (Holt Renfrew) are mostly made in china. If you look at the Burberry website, they will put "made in italy" for items made in italy and "imported" for stuff made in china.