Burberry backpacks: Do they still make these?

  1. I guess I'm still stuck in the 80s - I'm a backpack lady and I :heart: the Burberry ones I see people carrying. However, I don't see them on their website or on shopping sites such as Saks, NM and Net-a-Porter. :confused1: I need to see the price quoted in USD so that I can estimate how much I would have to pay in my currency.

    I know I could buy it at a good price on eBay but I don't trust eBay and of course, prefer to pay more buying it from a Burberry outlet - either in KL or HK - knowing for sure that I have the real deal.
  2. The last time i saw a Burberry back pack was in 2004.
  3. The last time I saw some backpacks were at Nordstrom and the Burberry store about a month or two ago. They were in the $400-600 price range though, but soooo very nice.