Burberry as my real first designer bag?

  1. I bought a Kate Spade used off Ebay. Who even knows now if it was real.

    So This is my first big purchase. When I lose 15 more pounds it's my gift to me!

    I am a jeans and sweaters type of gal. Atleast right now. I wear lots of neutrals, browns and sometimes black.

    I want a purse with some shape to it. Nothing slouchy. I want small. i want classic. I love the classic novacheck. These are similar to what I want. I have seen some smaller ones at the designer shop in my airport (I work there) I can't find them online to put in this thread.

    Is Burberry a good choice for a first bag? i want to be able to keep it for years and always be able to pull it out.

    I have been drooling over these and others:

    Burberry -  Check Shoulder Bag -  Neiman Marcus

    Burberry -  Novacheck Tote -  Neiman Marcus

  2. I like #1, but carrying it might change my mind. :yes: I think Burberry's a good start. I have a 3 year old Nova check with no dent and I used it liberally.
  3. Novacheck Tote - I love this tote, pondered buying it but bought a LV instead. Remember, sign up for ****** and then you can save an additional % - buying online from NM. GOOD LUCK!!!
  4. don't do it!
  5. I think it's a good bag to start with. you mentioned you like small? you should check these bags out in person first, cuz the first one doesn't look too small. good luck!
  6. yeah i would say number 1 as well:yes:
  7. novacheck tote

  8. Good luck on losing your 15 pounds. The two pictures you posted are nice. However, as far as Burberry for your first bag, I would recommend maybe another brand with more durability. The people I know who have Burberry bags say they don't stand the test of time.
  9. Great!!....with reasonable use and treatment these Burb bags will last! Just have enough bags u like to alternate..I don't believe in using any bags to death until they fall apart. Plus I like to use Burberry for the rainy days!!
    (Of course can't use my LVs, right?!)
    Burberry is a nice classy start to any collection..
    Remember..it's you that carries the bag ..not the other way around.
  10. I like both your choices but it depends on how much you carry on a daily basis as fars as size is concerned.

    If you take care of it, it should last you.
  11. I like number 2.
  12. great choices but i like the second one more.
  13. burberry is not a bad choice for your first high end bag... i really like the 2nd one you posted!
  14. i like no.2~ ! have fun looking for and purchasing ur first designer bag!
  15. i :heart: burberry so its a great start =) i personally like the first one but it looks a little big. just to give you a heads up there was a thread in here earlier about burberry outlets in case you want to look for burberry bags at a lower price?