Burberry and Brits?

  1. since Burberry tartan is probably the most copied desgin in the UK ,:yucky: do you/would you stil buy burberry? or would you go for one of the non-tartan designs?

    Just curious...
  2. I have a Burberry Prorsum striped scarf from A/W '05 - '06, which I like a lot. :heart:

    I wouldn't wear the chavtastic check, though. ;)
  3. I prefer the check.. what can I say, I only aspire to be a chav ! :graucho:

    Actually, there's a lot of stuff that's really cute without the check - like I bought these espadrilles with little purple flowers on them, I think they came out last year ? Anyways, super cute and not very Burberry like.

    Oh I guess I'm not a Brit, only a Burberry fan ! :love:
  4. I love the check too... I don't like the bags anymore, but I still have Burberry clothes. My quilted fitted jacket is great for fall, and I love the Nova check cuffs, and my cashmere scarf with the double sided fringes from Burberry is one of my fave scarves!!
  5. I have one burberry, the candy barrel bag and i love love love it! it is probably my most used and favorite bag due to its versatility and durability!
  6. I don´t care what the English people think about Burberry nowdays, I love Burberry. I have two coats by them, a tartan wool coat and a black jacket. I also have a Burberry skirt which is very cute (with flowers) and a wool scarf and gloves in the pink check. I think I have something else but I just can´t remember.
  7. I think my original post was misinterpreted by some. I was wondering whether chav culture had affected Brits' preferences for Burberry, not so much whether Brits look down on peoplen in other countried who love burberry
  8. i love burberry
  9. The check is too chavvy for me. Although, I would not mind owning a Burberry trench with the check lining - a bit more discreete, I feel.
  10. I have a burberry novacheck canvas large clutch, a novacheck cashmere scarf, a novacheck umbrella, and a pair of novacheck platform sandals. I used to love the print - I love the clutch, I use it alot for school because it holds a nice amount without being heavy or much of a burden - but when I use the umbrella I feel a little showy :/
  11. a question to the brit ladies on the forum... since wearing the signature check design is considered chev, would you view the person differently if the person is not british? i know how diverse Britain is, but say you know the person is not british, does it make any difference to your opinions? Not so much abt looking down but what would your impressions be?

    I'm curious since i live in london and well, i do care what my brit friends would think. i have been arguing with my bf about this. I'm not brit and i would love to get the trench, but the bf who is brit is so against it! and i keep telling him "But i'm not British!"
  12. Good question! truth be told I think the non-brits are viewed differenly, so are mature people wearing Burberry. Mylsef, I'm not bothered, whether someone in Burberry is a brit or non brit. The chavs always make themslves known, lol!

    The Trench is a classic, and seeing as the check is on inside, it's not that obvious. that said, the chavs tend to fake the accessories, rather than the clothes. On the flip side, what do your friends think about aquascutum, another quintessential English brand?

  13. If I see people from other countries/in other countries wearing Burberry check, I don't, for one moment, assume that they're chavs. In fact, I still don't automatically assume that a Brit wearing Burberry check is a chav.

    But, unfortunately, a lot of other people, over here, do assume that and that is why I would avoid it. :yes:

  14. That is a good question! I think I inadvertently answered it, before reading your post ^. :biggrin:

    I'm pretty open-minded, though, so unfortunately, if I were you, I wouldn't assume that you'd get the same reaction from certain other members of British society; who seem to think that openly insulting strangers, is a reasonable thing to do.
  15. Um...what's a chav? :s