Burberry 50% off at Luisaviaroma

  1. duuuuuudddddeeeee....that's my bag for quite a bit less than my hubby paid for it....:crybaby:
  2. is this an authentic retailer?
  3. yes
  4. it's tempting at that price, even with shipping the novacheck byron tote ends up being like $290, but im a bit hesitant considering i don't know how much customs i'll have to pay when the bag ships
  5. yes does anyone have any idea about cost of customs?
  6. Customs/duties fees could be about 15%.
  7. does anyone know when the sale is going to end? i really want one but after my snowboarding trip next weekend =(
  8. are we bound to be charged customs?
  9. Are we sure this is authentic? I'm pretty nervous about a final sale from across the pond... has anyone shopped here before? Also for customs; how does that work...?
  10. I've personally purchased various items from Luisaviaroma (LVR). All items are authentic. If you do a search on the forum you will see many threads about this company. :yes:
  11. Thanks... I'm sorry for being so anal.. of course you guys are pros....
    As far as customs; will they prompt me to pay for that online? I've never ordered anything internationally... i always think my card is being duped... LOL! I better call my card company so they don't decline it.
  12. ^^^FedEx will bill you separately for customs fees. If this is your first time ordering be sure to include a phone number on your order that FEDEX will be able to contact you at. They will need you to complete their customs form before your they release your package to be shipped.
  13. is there any way they could have fakes -_-?
    too good to be true
  14. I placed the order; I think I gave a phone number if they asked for it.... It ended up being a little under 300.. wish they had some wallets...LOL!