Burberry 150th shimmer house Tote

  1. I bought this large Burberry 150th anniversary Shimmer House tote (gold shimmer fabric) in February, and can't find it anywhere online. Do you know if this is only exclusive to Holt Renfrew?? I saw other shimmer gold pouch and cosmetic case on the burberry US site too. Is this a very old style?
  2. I believe this line was made only to commemorate the 150th anniversary and is not a regular line

    I suspect the Shimmer Check was only produced in a limited number...
  3. ooh- do have pics? I'm curious to see it- it sounds gorgeous!
  4. I think the bag was released around november of 2006.
  5. oh, i wanna see pics, too.
  6. sorry the pic took so long. Finally found my camera cable.
    I still love this tote bag really much!! :yes:
    burberry tote.jpg
  7. I have the cosmetic case, which I use as a clutch. I love the shimmer!
  8. I LOVE your bag sooo much bagfever!!!!:heart:
  9. This is one of my fav burberry bags.
  10. That would have been one of my favorites, if I could ever get my hands on one. Very nice purse, thanks for sharing!
  11. bagfever, that's a really nice tote!
  12. oh it's fabulous!! I saw one on eBay yesterday for a great price, unfortunately the lady won't ship to Europe...:crybaby:
  13. oh and I also have the cosmetic case and would love to have a the little handbag of it, but I think it is sold out, I can't seem to find it anymore.. So if anyone sees one for sale somewhere, please let me know!!!
  14. I got this bag at 230 USD tax included...last one they dug out from the stockroom. Wanted to get the wristlet to match the bag too, but it's sold out. But the wristlet itself is about 140 USD. When I feel bad for being not able to get the Anya eco-tote, I take a look at this burberry tote and I'm all happy again!
    Thanks for all your compliments! =)
  15. Wow, what a gorgeous bag. I had the cosmetic bag, but I had to eBay it because I'm broke :tdown: