Buon Viaggo: Love it or Hate it?

  1. Hi ladies... I have a Beautiful Foresta BV and I :heart: the placement but am not sure if I like the BV style.. I am more a Zucca, Campeggio, Ciao Ciao, and Corriere girl. I am thinking I might sell it because I just bought a Foresta Campeggio but am scared I'll regret it later.. Is there anyone here that didnt like BV and then fell in love with them? Thanks..:tup:
  2. i am kind of the opposite.. i hate the zucca because i think the shape is so weird.. and i don't really like the cross-body type bags either. the buon viaggio is my favorite bag style :tup:
  3. I thought I wouldn't get a BV. I thought the style was ugly, too big, useless(LOL, not really xD). Then my mother got me one, and I totally loved it. It was NOT useless. It's now my def my in my top 3 bag styles(with Zucca and Gioco).
  4. I really like the BV. I never liked bags in general haha, but later when my addiction to tokidoki grew more, I started liking them one by one. I thought "no.. I wouldn't like this or that", but that kinda changed after I got my BV. I love it really! It's a bit big. I might prefer the mamma mia if I ever get the chance to try it out (if ever) or something smaller than the BV.

    I think you should keep it, from the sound of the styles you named, you would like the BV too, but you seem really set on the Campeggio.. so I'm not sure :p.

    Funny cause all those style, don't seem like my type. The Zucca seems a little too narrow and deep and the rest well.. don't seem me.. for the moment!
  5. When I first got into tokidoki's I didn't care for the BV, but I ended up getting one, and now I have a hard time going back to smaller bags...I love the BV's...
  6. I thought BVs were so ugly at first..and swore I'd never want one, but now I love them. :yes:
    I like the convenience of a tote, and the mesh pockets.
  7. I absolutely love the BV, especially in a scene print like Foresta. If you don't need the funds for something else, I would say hold on to it for a while and see.
  8. I love BVs...I think I have like 5 of them or so...can't remember exactly. But hold on to it if you aren't sure...try it on around the house and see if you grow to like it more. If not then maybe it let it go...but you definitely have to try it out first.
  9. i like them but they are too big, so MM is more suitable for me. but the style is great imo, very casual
  10. I love BV's. They're the right size for me ;)
  11. When I first saw a BV, I thought it was too big. After buying one and using it, it has become my favorite bag style. It looks big, but when it's on it looks AWESOME.

    I LOVE YOUR FORESTA BV Danelys! I think you should keep it! I think you'd regret it later down the road.
  12. Thanks guys.. I think you might be right Joanne.. I think I'll regret it if I sell it.. I dont really *need* the funds because I already bought the Foresta Campeggio and also sold a bag yesterday (that was a gift) so it was like I only paid $50 for the Campeggio out of my own money. And I am almost done collecting tokis, just need 2 more bags but they can wait.. But thanks ladies for the advice. :cutesy::tup:
  13. I think the BV is such a great bag because it's so big and roomy, plus a lot of print is visible. I have trouble liking anything smaller. At first I though the MM would be an ideal size, but now I think it would be too small. I also don't like the zucca, contrary to MANY people here.
  14. Love the BV!! I have 2. Keep it!!! Foresta is so pretty on a BV!
  15. the BV is too big for me. i think it looks terrible when i see someone wearing one & they don't have enough stuff to fill it. the BV has the worst sag factor of all the bags, imo.