Buon Viaggio?

  1. how do you guys like the bag? too big? too small? uncomfortable?

    cuz i went to Macys today and i was planning on buying a campeggio but its too big T-T i thought the BV was cute and not overly large but im kinda riding the fence on this one... help :p
  2. I've got BV's in Inferno and Foresta. I really like them. They're comfortable and hold a lot.
  3. I like the BV much better than campeggio, but I am not much of a messenger bag girl. BV holds a lot, and you get a fair amount of print undisturbed.
  4. do you wear it as a purse or a school bag o.o;
  5. I love the BV. I have three and would have more if I could justify the spending to my husband.

    I use it as a purse, but I've also used it to carry student papers that I have to grade. I've never carried a binder in it.

    I love the mesh pockets. I often put my cell, my keys, my lip balm, and my ipod in those pockets since I need to access them the most during the day.

    The inside is big enough to carry my cosmetic bags filled with a variety of must-haves, my denaro, a paperback book, movies that I often have to return to the local Blockbuster, etc.
  6. My fav style bag- i use it every day and holds all my stuff. My 2nd fav is campeggio- I have the inferno and Pirata- also very good for holding lots of stuff and keeping it organized
  7. 8D perhaps i shall get one! im lookin for an inferno one so probably going to buy one off eBay...

    i originally wanted a campeggio but im only 5'3 and imo it looked ridiculously large on me :'(
  8. I'm 5'2 and I used to think the BV could be a bit to big for me until I started to use my paradiso BV. Somehow it doesn't look too big when I have my stuff in it instead of those tissue used in the store. Are campeggios really too big for you? Oh no...I am actually seriouly considering getting one...love that it is hands-free and can fit more than a stellina which I absolutely love too and used the most...but sometimes, I wish it is a bit bigger. Hmmm...maybe I should really go and try one on at the stores.
  9. I use my BV as a purse since I am no longer in school. I have a tote bag similar in shape to the BV that I used for lighter school days (when I only need a small binder) when I was still in school. So I would use my BV for school.

    I am also 5'3" and I think the campeggio is huge when I tried it on at Macy's. It definitely much bigger than BV, so maybe it's better for days when you need to bring more things to school. But personally I would never use a messenger bag for school (especially if I need to bring books or laptop) because it's not good for the shoulders. My shoulders are slightly lopsided from when I used to carry my backpack on one shoulder.
  10. I :heart: my BV's!!! I just bought a purse brite at Bed bath and Beyond and I found that it keeps its shape more with it in there and no sagging!!!. And it doesnt feel as lumpy with all my crap that I stick in my BV.
  11. yea i thought the campeggio was HUGE on me. it seriously went down to my knees >_>; and i can practically stick a third of my arm in the front pockets xD imo the BV looked better and was a better fit than the campeggio

  12. Purse brite? :confused1::confused1::confused1: What is it??
  13. i didnt know either xD i googled it! its some kind of purse organizer thing
  14. it's a purse organizer google it i think they have a website. I read somewhere on tpf about the purseket and it was like 20+ bucks and I found a purse brite online. It's the samething as a purseket but cheaper. The light thing I thought was kinda cheasy I just took it out. Im sure there will be a day where I kick myself on the A$$ when I need a light in my bag. But yeah I'll post pics when I can of what's inside my bag. It really keeps the shape! I used it on my zucca today and it fit perfectly and no lumps!