Buon Viaggio vs. Avventura Large?

  1. I'm going to college/university in the fall and I was wondering which is the better laptop bag? I don't really like the cross-body bags like the Cucciolo and was thinking of the Buon Viaggio or Avventura Large instead. (The Buon Viaggio is 14" wide and the Avventura Large is 18")

    Thank you =]
  2. neither would make a good laptop bag, imho. the shape is more of a tote than a satchel that a laptop would be stored in. keep in mind that the bag slopes from the top to the bottom, so really you'll lose around 3" on either side. so your laptop would probably have to be about 10" wide to fit into the BV, and 14" to fit into the avventura. :wondering
  3. :sad: Yeah I was kind of worried about that. But Tokidoki bags seem to be larger in real life than how they're depicted (I've only seen a couple in real life - mostly the Gioco.) So I thought I might be able to get away with it?

    But then again new laptops seem to be pretty wide.
  4. Yeah, is there anywhere that sells Toki where you are, or a friend who might have one? Because I actually think a lot of them are SMALLER in real life -- the luna was so much tinier than I thought it would be, ditto the trenino.

    Another point is that if you do get the avventura as a laptop bag, you won't be able to carry much else in it without padding it considerably (I do this when I try and carry a textbook in my BV with everything else on either side of it) which is a pain to carry.

    If you don't like crossbody, you might want to look into an andiamo or cucciolio and just not wear it crossbody -- you can shorten the straps quite a bit, IIRC, so that it would still hit at hip/waist height but just be over one shoulder.
  5. I agree that neither would make a good laptop bag...because the bottom is too wide, and these bags lose their shape easily enough that a laptop would just stick out weirdly. They're also not too well padded. Lots of people use a Cucciolo as a laptop bag because you can pad the laptop by wrapping the changing pad around it, and the bag is wide enough for a lot of widescreen laptops. For non-widescreens, a Campeggio would probably work well, but you'll want to buy a padded sleeve. As for the cross-body issue, I think wearing a laptop cross-body is a good idea because it's a lot harder to drop that way.

    Also, it's not toki, but I've been known to put my laptop into my Large Nolita Tote, which is a little less wide at the bottom than a BV, and it fits pretty well along with the power cord and some other stuff. And the Classic LSS line also makes a laptop bag called the Technofile.