Buon Viaggio, Mamma Mia, Mamma, Stellina, and Bambino

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had the Buon Viaggio, Mamma Mia, Mamma, and Stellina, Bambino? And if you do if you can post a picture of all of them next to eachother? I have a Buon Viaggio and Mamma and I really love the Mamma because it's so cute and small and was wondering how big the Mamma Mia and Bambino was compared to those two so I can get an idea of how big they are? I was thinking of getting a Pirata in a Mamma Mia and the Amore in the Bambino and Stellina. Thanks.
  2. i haven't seen the mamma before... do they still make it?
  3. wow nice pics...i think i would have loved the mamma it looks so cute! :biggrin: but im happy with a mamma mia! great foresta stellina....monkeys~

    tehlilone: i think they stopped making the mamma, not sure when. Ladies??
  4. Yeah, they stopped making it. Playground was the last print that it came in. When I bought it I thought that it was the Mamma Mia and that the person selling it didn't know. I never knew about that bag style till I accidently bought it.

    Thanks Vmasterz! I love that bag, Simone drew a monkey on the back for me when I went to see him.
  5. Thanks LatteGrl now I really want a Mamma Mia and Stellina now. That's how I got my Mamma too. I thought I was buying a Mamma Mia but wasn't sure because in the pictures it did look small but I couldn't tell because I don't own a Mamma Mia and I really wanted the Playground print so I bought it. But I'm happy that it was a Mamma because it's so cute.
  6. aww i want a mamma... i like smaller bags :smile: but i'm probably getting a mamma mia soon hopefully

    is it me or do the lesportsac bags keep discontinuing the smaller/multipurpose bags and producing bigger ones? (if what someone said in another post about the computer/dvd bag is true)
  7. LatteGrl: :welcome: do you know what is the size of the mamma? i wanna know if there is a difference between the two.. too bad i wont see simone anywhere here....i would love him to draw me a monkey! better yet monkeys! :drool:

    thelilone: i :heart: my mamma mia..im sure you will :heart: it! and you better hurry on getting one cuz there are being discontinued:crybaby: its definitely not you idk what the heck is wrong with Lesportsac...they keep on discontinuing the popular styles!:cursing: it was me that mentioned about the laptop bag and a dvd bag:yucky: ...the SA at Lesportsac store told me that today, i wanted to see when the amore was coming out..not that im planning to get it..maybe when i see it IRL it might change my mind...
  8. vmasterz: i saw two mamma mias at a Nordstroms one was the paradiso the other was actually a playground olive but the olive was a returnee w/o tags or qee so i'm a little iffy about getting it. I decided to wait until i went back to school (i go back this upcoming sun) before i decided :sweatdrop: hopefully they'll still be there... if not i'm going to hunt down a adios or pirata *crosses fingers*
  9. ooh ok..:biggrin: good luck! if the paradiso or olive is not there.. im sure there are going to be more pirata and adios stars coming out with amore... at least that what the SA said!
  10. awesome :biggrin:
  11. Tehlilone..which Nordstrom did you go to that have paradiso mama mia and cammo olive mamma mia.. Is the zipper ok ?? Is the only thing missing the qee and tag?