Buon Viaggio as book bag??

  1. Hi everyone! I was recently introduced to Tokidoki bags, and I'm hooked on the cuteness. Just recently got myself a Tutti Buon Viaggio, with a good placement. :yes:
    I am so scared to use by new bag because, I'm afraid it will get dirty fast. But my main concern is that I want to use this as a bag for school to carry my books and binders, and I am wondering if the bag (mainly the bag straps) can support the weight of my binders?? I don't want to rip/damage the bag. Anyone used the Buon Viaggio as a book bag, opinions?
  2. I use the Buon Viaggio as a book bag too. I can carry one 1" binder and two textbooks. The great thing about Tokidoki is the durability of their bags. The only problem is if you try to put too many books, it'll put a strain on your shoulder. But the bag will survive!
  3. for tutti, i would recommend you scotchguard your BV since it's white and v prone to smudges and all..but I love BV for its size and the fact that it can hold quite a fair bit..but I would avoid putting binders in them for fear of ripping/tearing the thin lining ;)
  4. I agree that the BV is a great book bag. It's just a great all-purpose bag. I only have one BV, but it's turned out to be on of my favs.
  5. Hmm I never thought of that! So far I have been putting my binder in there and it's been okay. I should probably stop. :p
  6. the outer lining is supposed to be "rip-stop" nylon which is made from the same material as Parachutes.... i've never had any LSS bag rip from normal use... maybe if it got cut or something...but I put small books and binders in my BV and it's been FINE!
  7. i just worry that the BV isn't sturdy enough to hold some of the heavier/thicker books. i've got a tutti cucciolo but when i put small books in it, it seems heavy. it does hold my 1.5" binder full of crap and all of my purse things though :p
  8. As birki said, Scotchguarding your bag is a great way to protect it. I travel a little easier knowing that if I accidentally rub or spill something onto my bag, I can just as easily wipe it off later. ^_^

    As far as using the BV as a bookbag, well, I wouldn't recommend it. Yes, the bag is big enough to accommodate a binder a few text books [and a calculator, and a day planner, and a cell phone...], but I don't think that the bag was crafted for that kind of wear. Bags such as Scuola, Cucciolo, and Trenino seem to be more able to handle frequent use with heavy use.

    Just my opinion. ^_^ Good luck - I'm sure your bag will be fine.
  9. what a coincidence,I bought a tutti bv just recently too and I also use it as a school bag. I carry a 1" binder and a text book along w/ a few pens,my phone and keys in the side pockets. I would recommend this bag only if you don't have heavy textbooks or a huge binder. scuola is probablly my favorie for a school bag although the straps aren't as padded as the should be
  10. BV is perfect as book bag. I use mine for work so I have stuffed it to the limit and it has survived
  11. Ive used mine as a book bag for awhile. Its holding up great. I stick in a binder, sketchbook, planner, notebook, make up bag, alot of other crap in there, and its fine. I just dont zip it close, cuhs it makes the shape funny so it stays open for me. I dont mind it at all. Im happier i got the BV over the zucca.
  12. The BV is a great book bag.
  13. I use my bv for a book bag in school too. I usually carry about 3 heavy books, my binders, notebooks and all that random stuff that falls to the bottom. So far I've used it about a year and it stil looks great
  14. It's good for a bookbag, but you can't carry too much. I've worried about the weight too, but I haven't noticed any strain so far, and I carry alot. Hope that helped!
  15. Wow...my BV isn't big enough for the books I have to haul. I did originally get a BV and a campeggio to hold my books, but then I found my books to be too heavy to carry in those bags and went back to my backpack... :sad: