Buon Viaggio Amore...my luck !!

  1. I bought this at Macys over the weekend along with a pirata print. I came home looked at the receipt and realize that the Buon Viaggio Amore was 40 dollar cheaper than what the price tag has marked and i got another 20% off. lol!! good price!! :yahoo:
  2. Yeah that happened to me too. Apparently all the Amore BVs at every Macy's were put into the computer wrong. I had not planned to get one but when I saw that, and when I found one with perfect print placement, I had to get it!

    I bought mine over a month ago, you'd think someone at Macy's would have noticed and fixed the mistake by now!!
  3. Man you guys are super lucky . I am so Jealous. :greengrin:
  4. lol!! thats awesom!! those of you who wants the amore bag, maybe you should head to macys !! weird though cuz on their website the price is right!! haaha...so happy!!
  5. My Macy's doesn't sell tokidoki . :crybaby:
  6. I don't think mine sells Toki either. I'll be making a trip out to mine tomorrow just to make sure.
  7. you know you make me want to get an amore bv now just because of that :p humm... maybe I could exchange it for something else later :sneaky:
  8. But maybe they'll exchange it for something else that costs 120$, coz your recipt will say 120$ ?

    Btw, pulse had the Amore BV for 128$ last week, no?
  9. Yeah. do you think they would let us exchange the Amore BV with maybe say... Spiaggia BV ?
  10. Yes. They will. I've actually ask that question, because I originally wanted a different print BV and I asked that if I did an exchange, will they still honor the price after the 20% and they said yes. as long it is the same brand, same style, different print is fine.

    Now...question is where do I go find one? haha......

    I called Santa Anita Macys and they have nothing, either did Nordstrom. so.....
  11. You guys on the west coast are so lucky! The Macy's here in NY don't give any type of discount on tokidokis unless there is a sale with a coupon. It seems like on the west coast they discount the tokis and then you get a coupon on top of that! at least that's what it seems from other threads. sooo luckyyy!!
  12. lol!!! That was an accident, but its 20% for Friends and family. And they are having one again tomorrow!!
  13. Macy's is having a sale tomorrow? I just paid full price for an Amore Stellina because it was the last one and really cute. :push:
  14. You are in NYC....its only Macys in Orange County.
  15. Oh rats, I got worked up and didn't notice your location. I also didn't know that sales aren't always nation-wide. Thanks!