bunnyville questions

  1. Hi everyone! I've never owned a LeSportSac- but in searching for "bunny" on the forum the bunnyville's came up. Well, I'm obsessed with bunnies so I MUST have something in that print!
    Is the best place to look on eBay???
    What piece would you experts recommend? Lastly- what do I look for to make sure it isn't fake?!!! TIA!

  2. check your local macy's. it might still have some style left. i saw some at my local macy's yesterday. and maybe bloomingdale's. if not, eBay. you can post a link to the bag at the 'authenticate...' section of this forum and we can take a look at it for you.
  3. I usually don't like regular Lesportsac prints but I loooove Bunnyville! I bought a 3-zip cosmetic bag and the new laptop bag....the laptop bag doesn't get all that much use, annoyingly. Wish I'd bought a tote!

    There are only 3 pieces on eBay, but probably brick and mortar stores would still have some in stock too (I'm assuming).
  4. I got a bunnyville large nolita tote that I love! I didn't think i'd use it much, just thought the print was cute, but it is a surprising easily print to wear with black and denim, so I wear it a lot! I also got the little tech accessory (lottie?) that i'm using as a camera case. It works well for that. Watch eBay. I think that is your best bet. Good Luck!
  5. I bought a Bunnyville Lottie at Macy's last week for my new camera. I don't know where you live, but I looked at 3 different Macy's in San Diego and all of them had small items left in the Bunnyville print. I didn't see any bags though...
  6. I'm thinking I would sue a makeup case the most, but none on ebay :sad: I live in Chicago. Macy's, etc. doesn't have it listed on the webpage anymore!
  7. Even if they're not on the website, I think it can't hurt to check in the stores. I saw a lot of them (especially the makeup cases, wallets, etc.) just 1-2 months ago. Also, you could try checking the LSS outlets and bargain stores like Nordstrom Rack...maybe Bunnyville will be arriving soon?

    As far as fakes go, I wouldn't worry too much, as there don't appear to be many Classic LSS fakes floating around. You could always post in the "authenticate this" thread if you find something that concerns you, though.
  8. thanks PianoGirl!

    Any LSS outlets on the Chicagoland area? Def. going to try Nordstrom's rack!
  9. Macy's had some yesterday. A couple tote-style bags and a bunch of accessories.

  10. ahhh thanks! I need to get there!!!:yahoo: