Bunnyville now available

  1. Bunnyville and some other new prints are now available on the website. I know some people wanted the bunny print.
  2. Cool! I like the bunny print.
  3. Hmm, the reg. lss version of the porta (lottie) looks really cute with the bunnies all over it. I may have to give in and get something small in that print
  4. yes! :yahoo:I've been kind of stalking their website for a week or so now waiting for the pattern(I.love.bunnies!), and was so excited to finally see it today. I wish I could get everything available in the pattern but I'm a broke art student...thinking of getting the Suzette style, does anyone know anything about it? this will be my first LeSportSac...
  5. Yayy, it's not Japan only! Now, to decide what I'll be getting in it...
  6. Hi watertowers, lol I've been stalking their website too! knowing that they were updating their patterns.

    Suzette is most like the LeSportsac Tokidoki style called Gioco, so I would click on the "Search" link above and type in the keyword gioco. Then browse through posts about Gioco.

    I think, though, the Suzette might be a little more managable if they tacked down the inner lining -- or if there is no inner lining. The Giocos are known for shifting interior linings (maybe people not putting enough stuff inside weighing it down!).
  7. i was in the lesportsac at the beverly center in LA yesterday. they were unpacking the bunnyville. it was so cute, i bought a bag right out of the box. a livvy? its apparently a new shape. but it is gorgeous!
  8. oooh! Post a pic please!
  9. so cute! i think i'll get a shave kit one for a new cosmetic bag.
  10. yes please post a pic morganlily! i've been dying to see this print other than on the lss website
  11. Hooray!! Pic please please!
  12. i think it's alright. i like the random blue bunny, that makes it more interesting.
  13. I ordered a laptop sleeve and 3-zip. I needed them anyway, so it was a good excuse.

    I like the bunnies, I just got a bunny of my own not too long ago. :biggrin: