Bunny/Rabbit Hay


Dec 27, 2005
I found the most fantastic site for Hay. It is called www.farmerdave.biz He even takes paypal.

I spend so much on hay for my 4 bunnies and I am not too impressed with most of it. So I decided to go online and find something better then what the stores sell. I ordered a huge box of the first cutting timothy hay and clover. It is the best hay ever. My rabbits love it. The hay smells good and has clover in it. The rabbits go crazy as soon as they see me pulling the hay out of the box. It is so much fun to see them enjoy their hay. I also ordered some treats for the bunnies. I just wanted to share and say how happy I am with the site. With shipping it was worth it. I think the huge box with last me a few months. Before I was spending over 100.00 a month on hay.