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  1. Just thought I'd start a thread for us bag loving bunny lovers :smile:

    I'll start: I'm Catherine, I have 4 bunnies and 1 that is sort of mine = 5.

    My babies are Chester (black with white nose) and Sarafina (white with blue eyes). Sarafina was adopted after Chester's brother Frankie passed this October. Frankie is the "poster boy" for our local rabbit adoption shelter :smile:

    I also have a sassy girl Lexi who lives with her Holland Lop boyfriend Raphael :smile: They all have mansions made of NIC cubes!! I can post pictures if anyone is interested.

    My 5th "kind of mine" bunny is Bella. She is my boyfriends. He adopted her a few years ago initially as a Sweetest Day gift to me,but int he process of hiding her from me, fell in love with her himself. She's a Holland Lop too.

    My babies that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge are Frankie, and Chocolate (a dwarf). I wear a beautiful heart with a hand engraving of their pictures.

    Here are some of my babies pictures! (I take them to Spa Day at the local shelter every few months to get "glamour" pictures!)

    Oh, PS- I'm from Chicago and I'm usually in the LV forum,but you can find me in the CL forum and Coach one too. My other favorites are this one, the beauty bar (anything to do with hair extensions!- is there a thread for that already....darn search feature), and jewelry.


    Let me know if you want to see more of my other bunnies! Post your pictures and a little about you!!!!
  2. How cute! I don't have any bunnies (unless you can count the wild ones in my yard), but they are all so adorable.
  3. I know!! I want to scoop them all up and take them home! :smile:
  4. aaaw bunnies are my favorite! more pics!!
  5. Me: Singapore, female, 25(yucks!), Happily attached to the hips to DBF(Ha!)
    Dogs/ Rabbit Lovers
    Rabbits: 3 (2 Male, 1 Female) - Adopted from SPCA singapore
    Dogs: 6 @ Home, 9 @ Work
    Funny(back), Sleepy (front)
  6. I love your bunnies! Mine are all adopted too!!!!
  7. Raffie: [​IMG]
    Chocolate: [​IMG]
  8. OMG!! CUTE~~~~ love the colouring of Raffie .
  9. I am not a bunny owner, but must say all these bunnies are most adorable! Give them all a snuggle for me!
  10. OMG they are all so cute! Raffie is missing a face from all the fluff! hehhee I love bunnies I just wouldn't know what to do with them. :smile:
  11. LOL! Yea- Raffie is super fluffy- shedding time is BAD! :smile: It's so COLD here in Chicago- time to snuggle my bunnies! :smile:
  12. omg, love all your bunny rabbits! I used to own one when I was little, but now I have a dog. Please pet all your bunnies for me. :biggrin:
  13. My sister has a bunny that looks a little like your Raffie!

    I had bunnies growing up... they are honestly my favorite pet. Especially the lop ears... they make me melt every time!
  14. :smile: They're SO cute but so very mischievious..anyone have any bunny stories?
  15. They are adorable!
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