Bunny lovers chat part 2!!!!

  1. Waffles-maybe see if their is a house rabbit society by you or call your vet and see where they would recommend you board the bunny
  2. Thanks for all the help ladies. It turns out that my moms co-worker said that she will stop by and check on him Friday and Saturday, so he should be fine.
  3. Momo and Binky. Note the attractive mohawk from Momo shedding her fur and the mouthful of the roots of some plant she found. She was carrying the plant around the garden.
    Binky and Momo1.jpg
  4. :love:
  5. Love the mohawk! Darwin has a bit of one, the vet trimmed a little of her fur around her eyes so she's a bit wide eyed at the moment!

    He's adorable- does he just have one white foot? So cute!

    Hello to Kiwi! I used to have a bunny named Kiwi when I was a kid- she was a mini lop :smile:
  6. image-1640902282.jpg

    New bunny spa day photos! Theme was "pop art". Colors are more vibrant irl
    image-2128396733.jpg image-2886471101.jpg
  7. ^warhol bunnies^ cute
  8. Here is a photo of a beach bunny I found while looking on an italian website for something entirely different.
  9. omg- beach bunny is SO cute!!
  10. Anyone have any suggestions for bunny-safe, large area carpet cleaning? Our apartment has white carpet and is looking rather dingy. Darwin has been good with her litter box, so no real spots to clean- we were just wondering if it'd be possible for some kind of "shampoo" or some other once over of the living room. She's not really big on chewing the carpet but does nap around on it quite a bit. Are there any companies that make a bun safe product?
  11. PetSmart sells natural carpet cleaner that says it is safe for all animals. You can use it with a carpet steam cleaner or by itself.

  12. It has been sometime I posted in this forum...

    A very sad news to share....

    My beloved Wabbit (aka Ah Bit) passed away yesterday morning :sad:

    He collapsed suddenly and went stiff. We rushed him to the vet and he was pronounced dead.

    A day before his departure, we took many pictures of him. He even let us took pictures with him. In the past, he would avoid taking pictures. The moment I took my mobile phone out to take a picture of him, he would runaway.

    That morning, he jumped on top of our sofa, sat down and looked at his playing area for a very long time. Then, he jumped off the sofa, dashed very fast towards the balcony. Sat and collapsed on the floor.

    I was in shocked, couldn't believe my eyes that my beloved Ah Bit had passed away.

    A picture of him, a day before his departure


    A picture of my and Ah Bit, one day before his departure
    Unfortunately, he wasn't look at the camera. He was looking at my thigh haha.


    His younger days pic :smile:
  13. ^ I'm so sorry for your loss fufu. AhBit was a beautiful bunny. Maybe he knew he was going. You must have a big bunny shaped hole in your heart right now. Thank you for telling us and sharing the photos.