Bunny lovers chat part 2!!!!

  1. oh poor evander!! i hope the eye will be ok! has the vet looked at it? :sad:
  2. ^ Hi selkiewriter! Welcome to the bunny thread! Brigette should definitely be spayed. This is very, very important for female bunnies. They are at very high risk of reproductive cancers if they do not get spayed. Don't listen to your boyfriend. He's wrong about bunnies. They can live up to 12 years, and they have so much personality and intelligence. Brigette will also be happier and better behaved once she is spayed. There won't be high levels of hormones' circulating in her system. Good luck and please keep us updated! :smile:
  3. Jelly - Awww poor Evander! Hope he's okay!

    Selkiewriter - Welcome to the thread! I agree with the other girls, is there anyway you can just take her and get it done without him knowing? It's your money and bunny after all!

    Omg, Girls! I'm about to do the most wreckless thing of my life haha. My friends & I found really cheap flights to New York leaving in a few weeks.. we can stay at her relatives for a bit to sight see & then we are going to travel out to Maine and Rhode Island to see Adam Lambert/the AI tour!! hahaha, so excited! I love him!
  4. ^ thats sooo exciting omg!! i've never been to NY and always wanted to go!
  5. omgblonde: That sounds like so much fun! You must be so excited to see Adam Lambert! There are some great deals on airfare now, so I am glad that you were able to take advantage! It's going to be so cool to see the entire AI gang.

    jelly: Oh no! I hope Evander's eye heals really quickly! Please keep us updated on your little guy.
  6. yes I agree selkiewriter all of GV's points were right on. But the most important- she is YOUR pet and YOU have the money. If he loves you he should not stand in the way of your providing care for an animal YOU love!

    Jelly- how is Evander doing? and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    OMG- NY is such a fun state! You'll love it!

    I expect everyone to come to southern California and visit me in the next year :smile:
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    I think you are aware the importance of why Brigette needs to be spayed - so you have saved money for the procedure. GV summarized all the reasons very well too! Brigette is your bunny and you have the money for the procedure and you'll be taking care of her! Why are you letting your BF to tell you "no"!?! Your bunny can not speak - you are her caretake so you have to try to make the best decisions for her! Spay will not only prevent certain cancers it will also improve the quality of life - your relationship with your bunny! At 3 years old - she needs the procedure asap! One of my bunny - Petunia - had a cancerous growth removed just last month - it was mammary cancer - the vet thinks it's due to that she was not spayed early enough because she was not rescued until she's 7ish, she's 9ish years old now (ages are only estim). You love Brigette and want her to live long! Best of luck to you and your bunny :heart:
  8. Jelly - Happy birthday!!! How's Evander's eye?
    OMG - Sounds like a fun trip coming up! I so need a vacation soon!
  9. happy birthday jelly!!! :heart:
  10. Thanks for the advice everyone. I'm going to set Brigette up an appointment as soon as possible and if my boyfriend doesn't like it- too bad. I like that a few of you mentioned that unspayed females get territorial because Brigette does act up sometimes but she picks on my boyfriend, not me. I think I'll let him know that one of the benefits of the procedure will be she won't try to groom his legs anymore.
  11. ^ That's wonderful to hear selkiewriter! You are making the right decision! Please keep us updated about Brigette!
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JELLY!!! :balloon::balloon::balloon:
  13. Thanks for the bday wishes! I went for high tea on Sunday, then dinner @ my parents', then horseback riding and out for dinner yesterday. I was soooo upset about Evander's eye, but he's ok. It still looks a bit sore today, but he can see fine and he's normal otherwise (normal appetite, still cuddly).

    Omg, sounds like such a fun trip!
  14. HAPPY (LATE) BDAY JELLY!! I hope you had a fabulous day! It sounds like you had a lot of fun! I hope Evander's eye is feeling better now.

    BELLA!!! I have found the PERFECT place for you to visit when you get to L.A.. the bunny museum!!
    It looks cool. I couldn't imagine living there though!

    I am so so so excited about New York! We booked the flights earlier & I've just been running aorund squealing about it to anyone who will listen! LOL
  15. Yay. I'm so happy you chose to spay Brigette. I spayed my rabbit Pancakes just a few weeks after getting her (she was about 6 months when I adopted her) because not only did it cut her risk of certain cancers, she also went through a false pregnancy a few weeks after the adoption. She was pulling out her fur to make a nest and became very territorial when I came into her pen. She also would mount my legs, which I thought was a bit adorable =P After her spay, all that behavior stopped. It was your decision to get Brigette spayed, and good for you for making it :biggrin: