Bunny lovers chat part 2!!!!

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  1. Wow! Congrats all you 'hoppy' bunny posters!!! :lol:
  2. Wow! We are on to Part 2 of our Bunny Lovers thread! Hope to see my 'bunny family' here soon! :smile:
  3. LOL VooDoo!! Thanks Sunshine!

    I'm here!!! we've chatted away about our bunnies!!!

    Delta and Northwestern both claim to have "special animal programs" for pets flown as cargo. Anyone have any experience with either of them?
  4. Wow a new thread! Thanks for starting it Sunshine!
  5. Yay new thread! Very exciting. Was thinking that it was about time that we had to have a new thread, since we had so many pages!

    Sorry Bella, don't have any experience with flying pets in cargo. Hopefully they truly mean it when they say special treatment! Do those airlines not allow pets in the cabin or can you only have 1 bunny with you at a time?

    I had a horrible dream this morning about a gremlin-like bunny that looked so cute but it was only a matter of time before it turned evil so I had to kill it before it turned bad! It was so traumatizing. The only thing that made it better was the fact that my chubby baby woke me up from that dream with kisses and cuddles!
  6. I don't have any experience with flying pets as cargo either. When I moved several years ago, the airlines were much more lax then with bunnies. If I ever have to move far away again, I don't know what I am going to do.
  7. i'm not flying there, i am driving cross country! 30 hours! I don't want to subject the bunnies to a car ride that long through the desert is summer. I think that the flight (about 5 hrs) will be less traumatizing. So, I must fly them :sad:

    but the airlines do have a one bunny per person rule in cabin and the only 2 i found that allow bunnies in cabin are Alaskan Airlines and Continental!
  8. ^ Yeah, a 30-hour drive would be much too much for the bunnies. I once had to make a 5-hour drive with 2 of mine. It was so stressful for my sister and I because we were so afraid of what would happen if the car broke down or if the air conditioning stopped working. Part of our drive was also through hot desert terrain. When we made pit stops, we had to keep the car running. My sister and I would alternate running to the bathroom. It was not fun!
  9. Hello rethreaded Bunny People.

    Call me chemically enhanced, but when we have taken pussycats by air, we transported them under mild sedation. They were sleeping throughout the whole process. Once by chance, we had to send a cat cold turkey on a plane. The airlines did not allow cats inside the planes. The sleeping cats deal with it all much better. I'd imagine that this would be more so with bunnies. They seem to startle more easily than cats do. A good vet can calculate the weight and knock them out for about 7 hours.

    Just my view.
  10. oh my gosh a new thread in my 999th post!!!! :amuse:

    binky's new routine: he's learned to cuddled up to my face every night while i watch tv, i rub his head while he licks my chin, then when i've fallen asleep he retires back to his hutch.. its the sweetest thing.. he even periscopes up at my bed at about 10pm to let me know "its cuddle time"

    i cant seem to take a good photo bec he only does it when we're alone, when the bf is over he refuses to be on the same bed as him!
  11. Ha ha. Very cute. Binky obviously holds you in high esteem. Has he ever bitten your hair though. Our Binky Boy gave my daughter a mild haircut right in the front of her fringe. :P It's growing back now...
  12. ^ he used to chew on my hair when he was a baby.. now he only licks and has the occassional nip when you stop petting him.. i have a semi-permanent scar on my nose bec of that!
  13. haha- mine eat my hair too!

    In the states, bunnies are not allowed to be sedated for flight!
  14. Well I hope whomever came up with that decision is told you won't need an injection this won't hurt a bit next time they need some dental care! Still, our 16 year old cat did survive the cold turkey flight in the hold. She was a bit clingy. We wouldn't have chosen that option but she got upset the previous year when she went to a cattery and wouldn't eat, so we took a chance.
    I think that if an animal is in a secure cage, and you can have a fabric cover over it, so it doesn't get overstimulated by seeing scary stuff, it should be ok. I am sure they have built-in "can't see it - so it's not there" psychological protection.

    Binky Boy is confined to barracks overnight now for that very reason - you can never tell when a hair eating episode is coming up.