Bunny ears or no bunny ears?

  1. I never really realized this until I read something in another thread: but I tuck my bags "flaps" into the bag so they don't hang off. Just wondering if anyone else did that - or if i'm the lone weirdo..:shrugs:
  2. Me too! I tuck the ends in, but pull the tassels out.
  3. ^^Yes, tassels out - flaps in - phew, glad i'm not alone!
  4. I leave them out with an open zipper and the tassles out. It looks nice when the tassles are dangling down each side.
  5. Ditto! (On both counts!) :smile:
  6. i leave the flaps and tassels out.
  7. Isn't it a pain to get in and out of your bag with all the tucking and untucking? I have a hard enough time as it is...
  8. ^^I leave my bag unzipped. I can't imagine zipping and un-sipping every time I wanted access.
  9. I like to leave my zipper flaps out, I feel like it gives the bag a little more characta! Plus, I never zip it up to much trouble and like how the bag looks unzipped.
  10. I like them out sometimes I grab it just by the flaps.
  11. I let 'em hang. I live in NY and ride the subway so leaving the bag unzipped is not an option, and I feel like the flaps give me zipping leverage. Tried tucking, but found zipping more challenging.:idea:
  12. At the beginning : IN
    I didn't like the bag allure when they were out...

    I've exchanged my SS06 black city for F05 one
    and now flaps are always out:shrugs: :shrugs: !!!

    I must get used to them in the meanwhile:yes: ...
  13. On mine, everything hangs out, baby!:lol: But I did initially find the overhanging flaps annoying and un-glam. Now I just live with it coz if I tuck them in, I have a heck of a time doing up the zipper.
  14. I tend to leave my bag open all the time, so the zipper extensions stay INside the bag; however, what do most of you gals do? - let 'em hang out over the sides of the bag, or tuck 'em in? Just curious.:confused1:
  15. I always keep my bag closed and the extensions out.