Bunny Does NYC!

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  1. I head to NYC tomorrow, be there around 6pm. I'll be in town till Wed when I leave at 7pm or so.

    I know I'm going to try to get a bus or something up to the Woodbury outlet, but what else in NYC Coach related to I need to make sure I see? I know there are a few, but which one, and when? Is there a busier day I need to avoid?
    Helpful hints, suggestions my fellow Coachies?

    Oh, Bunny will be car-less, so keep that in mind. I'm metro accessible tho, do I need a pass? Card?
  2. Bleeker St. boutique!

    If you anticipate on riding the subway many times that day, I would get an all-day metro card. I believe they're still $7.00, so after going through the turnstiles 4 times, they pay themselves off.

    I don't know what the best days are for Bleeker St. Sorry.
  3. ITA...Bleecker St.! I wanted to get over there when I was in Manhattan in May, but it didn't work out (I was staying over on the other side of town and just never had a chance to head over).
  4. Not Coach related - but go get yourself a "real" slice of pizza and a "real" bagel at a "real" deli. Virginia cannot compare.

    I heard Woodbury outlets have all sorts of upscale stores that you cant find in other outlets. Have fun!
  5. Skip the Coach store at Rockafellar. Very small. there. Eat. Pretzels. Hot Dogs. OOOOOOOooooooo Go to Chinatown. Stroll down Canal Street and see the "Coach" bags. Count how many times they solicite designer bags to you and how they do it. Too bad you are coming in later cuz they are having a Chinese Day Parade starting at 12pm. I'll be there celebrating not sure with Luci or Sabrina. LOL.

    Welcome and HAVE FUN!
  6. Go to the Flagship store at 595 Madison and eat some pizza at Johns Pizza which is also on Bleecker street - you might have to wait in line, but it is so worth it!
  7. All I know is I want pizza after reading this thread. lol Wish I could help but NYC may as well be Tokyo to me, I dunno anything. Have fun Bunny! Enjoy the sights, sounds, food of NYC.
  8. lucky you! i wanna do nyc too!!
    i've never been there so i have nothing to contribute here, but just wanted to say have fun and can't wait to see what you come home with.
  9. Ok, so I got pizza, bagels, pretzels, the Madison & Bleecker boutiques/stores, the outlet, MAYBE chinatown if I can fit it in... nothing on their cheesecake? or are they not famous for that too?

    I can't wait to go, but need to finish packing first!
  10. As far as cheesecake goes JUNIOR'S in Brooklyn has the best!!! Carnegie Deli in Manhattan is a close 2nd. MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  11. I also like to get the Peanuts from the street vendors and they are only $2. I have had some wonderful cheesecake in Manhatten also but I can't think of the name of the place. Have Fun
  12. If you plan on making several purchases at WC, do what the other tourists do and bring a roll-y suitcase with you. I imagine this would be better for you to store your purchases together and to ensure they do not get confused with somebody else's on the bus.
  13. I too have no advice for you on your NYC visit (never been) other than have fun. I would like to go there one day.......
    I can advise you if you ever decide to go to Chicago though. ;)

    Hahahaha, that made me laugh!
    There was a girl that I work with that went to Canal Street specifically to buy a fake LV bag. :wtf:
    When she got back to FL she was telling me the story about how after she bought her "bag" one of the vendors got busted for selling counterfeits so all of the other vendors there started franticly hiding all of their fakes!
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    ITA with Juniors Cheesecake. Yum! However, if you can't make it to Brooklyn, you can get the cheesecake in Grand Central Terminal lower level where the food court is.

    Ironically I found the BEST Cheesecake EVER in the Poconos Area,PA called Cheesecake Factory. Not the chain resturant. Almond Ameretto.mmmmm
  15. Don't forget the matzoh ball soup! One of my favorite foods to get in NY!