1. So I think I have a bunionette (this is the type on the pinky toe) :tdown: All my life I've had weird pinky toes...kinda smushed...but lately..ugh..the little bone thing sticks out.
    I wore high heels from about 14 - 21 every day...and now I suffer at 29!

    I haven't worn heels in 8 years and want to start wearing them again...but if the shoes are too tight (even flats will hurt if they're too narrow) it hurts!

    Does anyone have bunions or buionettes? What do you use to relieve the pain so you can still walk in those gorgeous CLs???
    Do those Dr. Scholls pads actually work?

    Do bunions/ettes ever go away?
  2. jeez ouch! hmmm.. I don't know much about bunions but can't you get it removed? At one of those laser places or something??

    you should deifnitely lay off of any type of heels for a long time. Maybe go to a specialist and they can advise you better.
  3. maybe shoe stretch spray--to make sure that you have room in the toe box of your heels
  4. I have bunions....maybe even a bunionette, the little bone? It really really sucks.

    Sorry to say, they probably won't go away, I don't even wear heels that much...and it's just getting worse and worse little by little ... I've heard that if you do surgery on it, it will hurt for 6 months, and it might grow back afterwards. Try to find the shoes with a wider toe box, and doesn't put pressure on the bunion. When I wear heels....I know they will hurt unless it's the type that doesn't have fabric/leather right at the bunion. Try to have your shoes stretched...that helps a little bit. Not all hope is gone tho! I try to wear the gel toe spacers whenever I can...and it seems a bit better the next day....until I wear heels again...haha.

    I haven't tried the dr. scholls pads...which ones are you referring to?
  5. I have bunions. Sadly, they don't go away. The treatments are coritsone shots(helps to relieve pain) or the surgery. I currently wear custom made insoles that my podiatrist made, and they are supposed to correct your feet or prevent them from getting worse, but you can wear them only with tennis shoes, not heels or flats, or boots or anything, and I hate wearing gym shoes. My podiatrist also made this cusion things to put on my big toe that helps relieves the pain when I do wear heels, etc.(they prevent your bunion to rub up against the shoe, they might have them for bunionettes.) I have also read somewhere that Victoria Beckham takes vicodin to be able to wear her heels, but I don't think that's a really great idea, it surely would get rid of the pain, though.
  6. the Dr. Scholl's thing I pulled up while doing a search for bunions on google! Apparently some little sticky cushions you can put on.

    I'm not 100% sure that is what it is...I've always had weird little toes...but now I have a noticeable bump....I thought maybe I broke it, but I don't think so :sad:
  7. I developed bunions at a young age as well due to wearing too tight canvas sneakers. I had the one on my right food removed. The surgery went well no complications and the recovery...it went well for the most part. It took about a month on crutches maybe longer can't remember then a couple of more weeks to begin to return to normal shoes because for so long I wore a blue foot shoe. I would have the left one removed but with my grandmother who was a RN passed away this year there really wouldn't be anybody to help me during the recovery process at home. I"v been thinking about getting this toe straightner I've seen advertised in a couple of books to see if it works.
  8. rags2riches, so you mean it's not true that it will hurt for 6 months and that it'lll grow back? Can you wear heels now and not hurt? Do you think it was worth it to do the surgery?

  9. Well everyone is different but my recover time certainly was not 6 months it was more like 2 months IIRC. Yes, I can wear heels w/o hurting. Also, bunions can grow back if youdon't wear the proper shoes. And yes I do think the surgery is worth it, and if I find the right time I would have the left one removed.
  10. I actually just had surgery in February to remove a bunionette - side of my left pinky toe area - dang my LV sneakers were killing me! ... I dont even wear heals or tight shoes and I got one but took me until now to really be able to walk for long periods and stand but now its now bothering me and I'm so glad I had it done. Its still a little bit of a bump but its to take quite a few months to completely heal up. After the main recovery period of the first 6 weeks, it mostly hurt only after walking any distances or standing long. Merrill jungle moc shoes are what I love by the way :smile: for comfort.

    I was in shoes right away after they took out my stiches - healing has been quite quick. Mostly just the length of time I can walk and stand has been gradually lengthening to where now I can pretty much walk most of the day without it bothering me.