Bunionette Surgery tomorrow

  1. Nothing major, but tomorrow I'm going in for day surgery to get this little bump on my foot taken off - kind of odd since I wear very wide comfortable shoes just about all the time and this is like a bunion that is caused by wearing shoes too small and you get more near your big toe, mine is top side of my left food behind my little toe - a bunionette I was told.

    I only have trouble when I wear narrower shoes but over the past few months its been getting worse and I really can't wear anything but my Merrill sneakers or Ugg boots to walk long distances now - anything narrower aggrivates it in about 20 minutes. Since I'm moving back to Canada end of March I thought I'd get it looked into last week, and now the're taking it off tomorrow already.

    Anyone had this done? I'm supposedly not going to be able to wear any fashioinable shoes for quite some time.
  2. I haven't had that done, but I just wanted to say good luck, I hope it goes well and wish you a speedy recovery. xx
  3. Thanks Chloe*Starlet - and all the best with yours too, I'm hoping you'll have the easier route on the gallbladder for sure, and I'll be watching your thread. My foot procedure should be short tomorrow. Thanks for the wishes.
  4. My grandfather had this surgery. If I remember correctly, he said it wasn't too painful, and the recovery was pretty quick.
    Good luck! You're moving to Calgary, right?
  5. Hi lv-lover
    Glad to hear his recovery was quick etc., I am getting this done now in hopes that I'll be in good shape for my move to Calgary at the end of March - :wlae: I want to heal up so I can enjoy the beautiful trails at Fish Creek Park which will be at my doorstep! Its such a beautiful city :smile: I lived there 15 years ago before moving to Texas.. I will think about it tomorrow while they are working on my foot.
  6. Good luck and I hope you have a speedy recovery!!
  7. i had surgery over the summer. Although i never heard the term
    " bunionette"....maybe mine was full blown bunion city! lol
    anyhow this is what went down with me:
    i am 29....my foot had got progressively worse since i was 12-ish. I decided to have it fixed before i was old and had nasty feet.
    <went for surgery....my mom said it lasted 3 or 4 hours.
    <came home with a plaster cast up to my knee ( heavy as heck)
    <one week later went to the doc...x-rays....switched to fiberglass cast (pink)
    <<<i was supposed to have it on 2 months but my leg shrunk fast....so...
    :heart: weeks later i got a "walking cast" although i was still not allowed to put any weight on my foot.
    basically i was on crutches for 2.5 months with absolutely no weight on it. i was bearing partial weight for 2 weeks, then still in my walking cast for 1 month.
    I realize that a bit more severe than your case ( i hope)....so be grateful :smile:
    i have the coolest x rays though.....my foot is perfectly straight now <<< with a few cute screws. lol
    you will be fine......its worth it. good luck.
  8. I'm so glad your foot is so straight now, wow you must have had a nasty one! Yeah I'm fortunate, I just have a little thing, its just causing some problems with my little toe but I want to get rid of it before it becomes a big problem later on, and its at the point where I can only wear very wide shoes or my foot hurts in 20 minutes -- supposedly I'm going to have to wear a special shoe for about 6 weeks but hope I'm not in a cast ... well I'll find out later today, whatever they gotta do, they gotta do, alas. Thanks for sharing your story :smile:
  9. Good luck with your procedure! :flowers: Please let us know how it went!
  10. yes you are lucky!
    if i would have got my surgery 3 years ago i would have only had to wear the funny lookin shoe.....but i had no insurance at the time.
    So i waited, it got worse, and i had a long summer in a cast. lol
    All for the better now.
    I'm glad you are getting yours taken care of early!
    Again>Good luck!
  11. Hi, I'm home now, I have the funny looking shoe on, gotta keep my foot up for a few days, just coming out of the anesthesia etc. so its starting to go ouch somewhat, so off for some rest, thanks for the comments, guess I wont be on the computer as much the next few days - that will be a bit tough LOL but seems to have gone ok, I'll find out more as the Dr. is calling me tonight and I see him in a week. Just wanted to add a quick update.
  12. Keep your foot up!!

    My best friend had this done ON BOTH FEET and I had to stay with her cause she was next to helpless! Bathroom, food, getting dressed, etc this girl had it bad. Not like you - I know you will heal fast, I'm sure of it.

    On the other hand, we caught up in a big way and watched movies, BSed all day and I slept near her couch in a big cozy Lazy Boy chair-thing. Actually looking back it was kind of fun, like camping.

    Take a break and get some rest. It's YOU time girl! Hugz. :smile:
  13. Good luck, I know someone had this done, complete success! You need to rest afterwards though. My mum had these never had surgery always had difficulty getting shoes (Thank God not hereditary). Hope you recover quickly!
  14. Yay for Alberta girls!
    Hope your foot doesn't hurt too much.
  15. Great thing to do ...your procedure is much more than the ones I have heard, When my sister did her bunion removal (both feet) she was home for 2 weeks and had to keep her feet elevated, no pain after surgery, she wore some big funny looking shoes, she had to stay out of heels for a 3 months ...her feets are the cutest things now and you would never imagine she went thru surgery. ..get some rest