Bunion Surgery

  1. Has anyone had bunion surgery before? It is really as bad at they say it is? What is the recovery time like? I have always had bad feet, and I am going to the foot doctor soon due to bunion pain. :sad:
  2. Have you actually seen the doctor yet? Your post reads like you haven't. I've got a nasty bunion on my left foot. The drill for most new patients is to have a custom orthotic made for your shoes. That helps straighten out the foot/toes. For some people that's plenty. I absolutely hated my orthotics. They were uncomfortable and only fit in one pair of my 175+ pairs of shoes! Over time, I've just learned through much trial, error and selling my (sob!) 3+ inch designer shoes on eBay that there are certain shoes that I can wear comfortably and I don't ever use the orthotics.

    Bunion surgery is pretty rough from what I've read. You've got to consider that your feet are involved, so that pretty much involves your whole daily functioning. Certainly if it's super bad, you may have to get it done, but my suggestion is to take the conservative treatment options your MD gives you and wait it out.

    Just a side note on shoes: Ryka walking shoes are FANTASTIC for "bunion feet". They are made by/for women and have a narrow heel but a wide and high toe box. Lots of room for your toes. Give those a try too.

    Good luck. And I mean it when I say "I feel your pain!" :sad:
  3. Yes, I have been to the podiatrist quite a few times within the last 6 months. I had two foot "surgeries" so far to remove really deep ingrown nails b/c of the bunion they said. I also did have the custom made orthotics, and I have worn those often, but they really aren't doing much. I am going back to the podiatrist next week to see what I can do about this. I am going to look into Ryka walking shoes. Thanks!

  4. No, it really isn't that bad at all!

    I had it done last January along with a hammer toe surgery. I really had very little or no pain whatsoever and only took my painkillers a few times "just in case".

    However, there are some inconveniences...You have to wrap your foot to bathe until the stitches come out (which is only like three days), and you need to elevate it and ice it for the first few just to help with the swelling. I hated having to sleep in the protective surgical shoe simply because I'm a clean nut! I asked the doctor to give me an extra - one to wear around the house (yes, you're on your feet right away) and then another to change into for bed. I'm a "stay at home" Mom so missing work wasn't an issue, but I'm not sure how much I would have had to miss if I worked outside the home. I had mine done on a Friday and the stitches out on Monday or Tuesday. They'll give you a walking boot to wear for a few weeks after you are out of the surgical shoe.

    My recovery time was almost six weeks because of the hammertoe - I had a metal rod in my toe to keep it straight for almost four weeks. Otherwise, the recovery would have only been about 3 1/2 weeks. If you'd like to PM me, I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have!

    Good luck!
  5. Wow! That doesn't sound that bad. When I got the foot surgeries done before, I would have to wrap my foot up in the shower, which I absolutely hated, but besides that it doesn't sound as bad. Thanks for your help, Missusb!!
  6. :rolleyes: Oh GOD! I had that surgery 4 years ago and every time I think about I'm so glad it's over! I only had about 12 hours of pain...I didn't take pain killers..Just motrin faithfully for a few days...I was back to work in (2) weeks...I think that's when I could drive...I wore the booty for a month...Then sneakers and mule type shoes...I was FREAKING out seeing that I am a high heel fanatic! I basically had to buy a new wardrobe for my recovery period b/c all my pants were too long!! It was more of a pain in the a** than anything..You have to keep your foot elevated alot...I was fine at work b/c I have an office job..I just kept it elevated on my wastebasket! I had to throw out a ton of shoes...and it took forever to be able to wear normal shoes...It takes a while for the swelling to go down..Plus it will depend on the degree of severity of your bunion....I had to use a walker for the first few days as my Dr. didn't want any pressure on my foot...after that I kind of limped around and daily it got better...Like I said...The worst part about it for me was not being able to wear my clothes and my shoes/boots...I dress up for work every day and I HATED wearing khakis and low ugly mules...But..it was worth it...I have no pain anymore....My bunion hurt 24/7 to the point where I didn't realize how MUCH pain I was in until it was gone...I guess I just got used to it...And I'm bopping around in my high heel shoes and boots..I am very careful buying shoes however..NO POINTY TOES and I make sure they truly are comfortable before I purchase...I planned it around my busy schedule/time of year so it wouldn't be too bad to deal with....Good luck! Let us know if you have the surgery! :heart: Emmy
  7. my dh had bunion surgery on his right big toe a few years ago. he didn't really complain about pain too much (and he's a big baby). the toughest part for him was moving around on crutches and wearing a special shoe... you can't bear any weight on your operated foot for a couple of weeks. also, you have to keep your foot elevated and cover it with a plastic bag when you shower (dh hated that). it was about 2 months until his toe really felt back to normal. bones take longer to heal. he's glad he did it though. good luck to you.
  8. ^ I am interested in this surgery. Gosh, I didn't even know it existed! Did most of your drug plans cover it or did you pay for it out of pocket? How much was it to get hammer toe and/or bunion surgery? I've lived a lifetime of feet pain. I get blisters, callouses, painful scraping and bruising even from running shoes and soft flat shoes, let's not even talk about heels!
  9. my dh's bunion surgery was covered by his insurance. if you're having pain, which means it is medically necessary than insurance companies will pay for it. we just paid the co-pay based on our insurance plan (can't remember how much... maybe $20-50). definitely go to your primary doctor and get a referral to see a podiatrist. you don't have to live in pain!;)
  10. My two best friends had the surgery: Pal A had one foot done first, and the second one fairly soon thereafter. She was hobbling around the streets of NYC for a bit, but pretty OK. A podiatrist performed the surgery and was aggressive in making her walk on it as soon as she could stand it, removed the pins, etc. She is extraordinarily happy with the results.

    Pal B had the surgery done Christmas '05 by a very well respected Orthopedic surgeon in Boston. Her recovery was not fun and not quick. As a matter of fact, she still has bruising under the ball of her foot. I don't think anything went wrong with the surgery--her doctor is as surprised as she that it's not 100% yet. Needless to say, she has yet to do the other foot (and will prob. get a 2nd opinion before she does).

    Leaving on a happy note: Pal A and I have always been shoehogs, but now she can buy (and wear comfortably) pairs she used to only be able to salivate over! Like her gold Dolce strappy sandals--can you imagine? Good luck. :smile:
  11. Hi Super, I ready about your friend who had bunion surgery and and interested in more information. I work in NYC and been going for consults, so I can use some direction. You said she was happy with the surgery? What's the name of the doctor in NYC?