Bunheads - From Executive Producer Amy Sherman-Palladino, creator of Gilmore Girls

  1. i'll probably keep watching since nothing else is on.... the acting is way too cheesy for me.. but i kinda think gilmore girls started out the same way.
  2. Yes, indeed, that is Cameron, played by Alan Ruck. I missed the first two episodes of "Bunheads" but managed to catch the second one on Hulu. I'll have to wait to see the first episode until next week, when ABC Family will run it again. I love Sutton Foster, who was terrific in "Anything Goes" on Broadway. And let's not forget that Kelly Bishop was in the original cast of "A Chorus Line."
  3. This show is so much better than I thought it would be!
  4. dang it! i missed it again!
  5. I think it will get more and more like gilmore girls as it goes.
    The humor is similar , etc

    they just had to start the show in order to make sense for her to go there, stay there, etc ... and I am felling from now on it will be VERY cute to watch
  6. I love that she found her "potting shed". And that there were more guys in last night's episode. I'm looking forward to seeing more town characters.
  7. Yes, I definitely hope we see the brother and Grant again! This show needs some testosterone!
  8. This show is very likable. I like the guy that played her husband. It would have been nice if he hadn't been killed off. Oh well, it's still fun to watch the relationship between the 2 lead women.
  9. Now I'm even more in love with the show. The relationships among the four main ballet girls is complex, we're going to learn more about Sasha's unhappy home life and why she's so bitter and sarcastic, and we're definitely going to see more of the men, I'm sure. It's good they introduced Grant and the brother (Charlie?) so we get a hint of some possible relationship developments. I think they really did have to kill off Hubbell so that the story could become something more unusual. The relationship between Michele and Fanny is always going to be a tug of war between affection and tension, I think.
  10. Oh wow! Did you all watch yesterday's episode yet?! The dance scene in the end was so amazing! I really really enjoyed watching that. I'm talking about the one to the Istanbul (not Constantinople) song. Fantastic!
  11. Aw nobody else watched it? It was so beautiful! I still go back and watch the dance scene :tup:
  12. I watched! It was great!
  13. I watched, it was another great episode. The dance sequence was very good.
  14. needs more guys! lol...and less of boo and sasha for now
  15. I don't mind not having any guys around. I'm still wondering if that rich reclusive neighbor with the long driveway will make a comeback :tup: