Bundle of overdue stuff :) Indigo Tweed 2.55 + Charms card holder

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  1. Came home to find the Indigo Tweed 2.55 I bought off eBay :smile: And finally to be reunited with my card holder!! and yes, pictures of falling in love with the Light Silver reissue all over again :smile: Happy 2008 all :smile:
    christmasinsg - 07.jpg christmasinsg - 20.jpg christmasinsg - 61.jpg christmasinsg - 63.jpg christmasinsg - 62.jpg
  2. congratz. lovely stuff!
  3. Still my first love :smile:
    Macau NYE 07:08 - 064.jpg Macau NYE 07:08 - 093.jpg Macau NYE 07:08 - 109.jpg Macau NYE 07:08 - 186.jpg
  4. lovely new goodies. Especially love the card holder :smile:
  5. Haha the cardholder was a case of OMGIwaNTTHEBAGBUTICANNOTAFFORDIT!!! syndrome :smile: Wanted to get the wallet which was supercute, saw it in a thread here somewhere, but they didn't have it in black!! :sad: Only the coin purse, so I went for the cardholder in silver instead, just for a change.
  6. Love your new goodies ... Enjoy:tup:
  7. Congrats on the Indigo Tweed and the Card Holder! I especially love the light silver reissue ... so pretty!
  8. Congrats on your goodies. I'd love to see a modelling pic of your tweed flap.
  9. Congrats on your new Chanels:yes: I love Chanel tweeds and THE LIGHT SILVER REISSUE is my first love too :heart::heart:!I got it one year ago in 225 size!:yahoo:
    Love your friend's Chanel too!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!:smile:
  10. love the silver reissue and the card holder! Congrats!
  11. that indigo tweed is gorgeous! i saw that in eBay few months ago too.. congrats for having it! expect compliments :smile:
  12. I love your pics
    You are so cute and enjoy your new goodies :smile:
  13. loveeeeeeeee that indigo tweed flap!!! i love tweed flaps in general but your indigo is quiteee pretty!

    and the charms on the little cardholder is cute. You look darling at the Venetian!! :heart:
  14. Love that card holder! So pretty and luscious~
  15. I especially love the indigo!!! Congrats on your new pieces!! I'd never seen the charm card holder. Thanks for posting pics.