Buncha Koobas!

  1. LNinos listed a bunch of bags yesterday for great prices. Averys, Nicoles, Red Elishas...(which is listed but didn't show up in his store).


    I just got my Luggage Nicole last night. Gorgeous. But I'm in work mode and can't post a pic until the weekend.
  2. I just ordered my Bonnie from LNinos.

    I wonder what Kooba thinks of the discounted prices some of their retailers offer? I happen to adore them because it makes Koobas affordable, or should I say, I can buy more than one.
  3. LNinos just told me my Blonde Bonnie came in yesterday and will ship today. Great price at 180.00. He also will send my Rose Nicole. My Luggage one is already here and so is my Fuschia Alex. Too many bags to wear at one time...LOL I'll post some pics this weekend after I get through a stretch at work.
  4. Oh, that black Avery.... *drooling*

    *repeats like a mantra*

    on a purse ban.... on a purse ban.... on a purse ban....
  5. Lexie, how heavy are these new bags? Same as the old ones..?
  6. I'm going to have to limit my time on this forum because I can feel my resolve weakening. :shame:

    Good deals are so hard to resist!!

    62 days until I order my red Elisha! :woohoo:
  7. You got a Bonnie from this person for 180?? Dang, that's excellent! I think that Bonnie is my next Kooba definitely and that price is nearly too good to wait.....
  8. Elisha is very lightweight in comparison to some of the older HEAVY Koobas. The Nicole is on the Medium side. No worry...it's not Ada Weight. The Alex is an older Kooba, soft and smushy and light as a feather.
  9. LNinos just put out an auction for a blonde Bonnie for $199. I contacted them on the side and they can get in red and black Bonnies for $180. Pretty good deal - I've already secured a black Bonnie - I'm excited to get my very first Kooba!!
  10. He is sooo cool to work with. I just write him and tell him what I need. He ships same day of payment. I should have the Bonnie and Rose Nicole tomorrow. That Bonnie is sooo darling. I am hoping it is not toooo small so I can keep it.
  11. Lexie, you got a Nicole in Rose???? I can't even find it on eBay! Do you mind me asking how much it was?
  12. He sold it to me "off eBay" for 419 including shipping. He only had one left, from an ebayer who didn't follow through. He may order one for you if you ask him.
  13. This might be a stupid question, but I have to ask. Im thinking about buying a red Elisha, and this guy you are talking about is selling a blonde one for US $374.99. How can you be sure that its not fake? How come he sells the bags so much cheaper than the retailers? The only thing I have ever bought on ebay is a dress, so Im really an ebay-newbie and extremely sceptical to everything 'popular' that is sold there. Would be grateful for a little guidance, tho :smile:
  14. Kooba's Spring line just came out. There has been no time to counterfiet the bags yet. This is the ideal time to buy because you know they are real.
    Sellers who have accounts with Kooba themselves buy in bulk and get big discounts, so they can afford to sell them at less and still make some extra money.
    After this period when you begin to see fake ones, if you are new to ebay and or Kooba it is probably better to not buy from Ebay. It's a huge risk then because of the large amount of fakes.